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Here’s a fun question for our forum’s 1000th post.

If you had a child (if you have children this will count for those children) and they grew up to be a fur, what species would you hope they’d be?

I don’t plan to have children because I seriously don’t like them (lack of patience) but my rats are like my children. So I’d say a rat.

For our 1,001th post, I’ll answer the two questions:

First, I’ll say that Poetigress’s answer is spot-on, but since I don’t want to repeat it I’ll say Kazuo Ishiguro. Fantastic writing style, good at everything I want to be good at, wonderful mastery of the language.

Sean, I’m not a huge fan of kids, but if I had them, otters. Playful, carefree, social. Perhaps a bit too much so, but hey :stuck_out_tongue:

Question: If you could only read the works of one author for the rest of your life, which author would it be?

You would have bratty little kids then haha

I’d watch movies. I couldn’t keep reading one author; I’d get so burned out.

@Friday/Dandin: I was going to say Grant Naylor, but that’s technically two authors. If I had to read the works of just one solitary author… Tom Sharpe. The guy was an absolute lunatic! But in an exceptionally humorous way. Just give Riotous Assembly a quick flick through and you’ll hopefully understand what I mean.

Open question: What’s the best milkshake flavour? I’m on Team Strawberry.

I had a peanut butter milkshake last weekend and it was the bizniz.

One author for the rest of my life?? Argh. I could probably read nothing but the James Bond books forever, if I really had to.

Milkshake – chocolate. (But for best results it has to actually be made with chocolate ice cream, not just vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.)

One author – Hm. The two choices that immediately come to mind for me would be either Ray Bradbury or Stephen King. Though I’ve read and re-read L. M. Montgomery’s books dozens of times, so that might not be so bad either. This kind of question’s tough for me, though, since I tend to have favorite books more than favorite authors, per se.

Huh. I was brought up to believe the exact opposite – a proper chocolate milkshake is made from vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup; only inferior chocolate milkshakes are made from chocolate ice cream. My dad and sister have really strong feelings about this.

'ello, figured I’d take a swing.

Wow, Grant Naylor. I’d forgotten about him. The Red Dwarf books were awesome. And Rob Grant was still good when he struck on his own. I particularly enjoyed Incompetence.

If I could only read a single author it would likely be my fellow Canadian Spider Robinson. He’s the only person I’d ever term a ‘wordsmith’. Capable of incredibly funny books that cover some of the hard sciences but also have an emotional human core.

Milkshake? Ha, I haven’t had one of those since I was ten years old. Though I will say the most revolting milkshake I ever had was marshmallow flavoured. I used to make a habit of seeking out odd flavours, and did I ever find an odd one that day.

Question for whoever might want to answer it: What story or series did you enjoy, but also made you want to throw the book up against the wall?

For me it was the Human Sholan Alliance books by Lisanne Norman. Amazing story, wonderful characters. Then she spent three whole books absolutely tearing apart one of my most beloved characters of all time and turning him into a right bugger.

@wwwolf Going to have to go with Blasphemy by Douglas Preston. Great book, but it ends with nobody learning anything and nothing changing. And that’s the point. I love it, but it’s so infuriating at the same time.

I’m going to pass the baton off to someone else for another question. I still can’t come up with anything worth asking at the moment.

Milkshake flavor: Peanut butter because I’m an addict.

wwwolf: I have incredibly lax standards for enjoyment, so nothing springs to mind.

EDIT: Question, what method do you use to write? Pen, pencil, keyboard, a combination? Something else? Why?

Computer (the brilliant Scrivener for Mac, these days, previously the bog-standard word processor it came with). I like to skip ahead and write the fun parts, and to go back and fiddle with things. I can’t imagine how anyone ever got anything written in the days when cut and paste meant manually messing about with scissors and glue.

I do love typewriters, though. I hit the computer keys really hard so they make a proper click, and I wish I got a DING noise at the end of the line :slight_smile:

It’s Saturday! What’s everyone up to? I am drinking frothy coffee with caramel syrup (my flatmate bought me a battery-powered milk frother), listening to REM, and wearing my wolf onesie because there’s nobody else around and it’s chilly. Writing in a minute, honest.

It’s Saturday. I’m drinking cheap wine in a bathrobe, hoping desperately I didn’t commit to actually doing something today.

For saturday, my day so far has consisted of going to a meeting to hear this years how-to-not-get-murdered plan for my job’s black friday opening. Oh so very fun when running on six hours of sleep after Friday kept me awake until midnight.

I laugh at all of you that have to deal with working on Black Friday. I had 6 years of it, one year working 27 hours between two jobs (9 hours at one, half hour breather, 9 hours at another, hour breather, then 9 back at the first one). Paid enough of my dues =p.

Today I’m working on moving into AnthroAquatic’s new office. Our roommate has vacated the spare room, so I’m using its blank canvas to set my office up how I like. Going to look awesome when it’s done, but I’m sooooo tired.

@Mars: I kept you up until midnight? I went to bed at 12:30 by my time (after you abandon me) and you’re an hour behind. Don’t blame me.

As for what I’m doing: writing (academic papers bleh), eating, sleeping, maybe playing video games with Mars, and going to see Hunger Games with the little sis who’ll be in town.

Might as well ask a question! This one is for everyone (that means people other than Friday :stuck_out_tongue: ).

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Obviously if you don’t drink you can’t answer, so I’m also asking: what is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

I personally love strawberry dacaries. So good. As for non-alcoholic, I’m a fan of iced tea and Dr. Pepper.

Whisky. Non-alcoholic: Water.

I’ll ask a question: what is everyone eating for Thanksgiving?

Favourite booze? Gin & tonic. I used to be a vodka person, then I visited a gin distillery and got fascinated. I’m also a cider drinker (‘hard cider’ for you US types); never liked beer.

Favourite non-booze would be cherry Coke. I first had it on a family holiday to Disney World - I’m not sure we had it over here at the time - so it’s forever associated with that. Also a big fan of the coffee bean.

Question: who sends Christmas cards and who’s given up or sends e-cards instead?


Then Paralizers, the Vodka kind.

Umm, I’ll drink pretty much anything with alcohol in it, as long as it isn’t mouthwash or something, but beer is my favorite. My favorite beer is Grolsch Red, which I unfortunately have not seen for many years now.

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is clean water.