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Ask away

I feel like there are far too many serious threads here. Communities need to be able to have a little bit of relaxing as well, so I want to start one of these threads.

By posting in this thread you’re automatically entered into this little game. When you post, ask someone else in the thread a question. It can be either to a specific person or it can be to everyone in general. So, for example, the next person to post will probably ask a question of me. In your post you don’t have to ask a question, but if you don’t then make sure to keep the conversation going in some way, whether by answering a question or sharing something about yourself.

I understand that some people keep their furry and real lives 100% separate and this probably isn’t the thread for them, but for others this could be a great chance to get to know each other a little bit better.

Plus the activity of the forums has been down to a couple select threads and the posts within the private groups. Not exact a recipe for community involvement.

Alright. So Sean, what’s your favorite movie?

I’ll offer up mine, too. Donnie Darko is my favorite, and Inception is a close follow up.

This thread was a really good idea!

Well, here’s my question for anyone that wants to answer: how did you become a furry? What introduced you to the community?

I was first introduced to it through an artist on DeviantArt when I was younger. They turned out to be a really bad person, in all honesty. But I loved the art and the idea behind it enough that I stuck around. My interest dropped for a while, but I got back into it after finding more artists to follow.

@queen, I actually have a similar story. The guy I really got to know well entering the fandom (who was also a writer) was a depressed and bitter jerk, so it didn’t work out well in the end. But he’s gone now and I’m having a blast :smiley:

I would also append that my interest probably sprang from Redwall. It was classic escapism, a world I could go to when my home life wasn’t looking great. As such, anthro animals have always made me feel comfortable and welcome.

@Friday - I’m not really a huge movie person, but I guess Oliver and Company was always my favorite movie when I was a kid so I’ll go with that.

@Queen - Porn and Google searches introduced me to furry, and the community…still trying to figure that one out.

My question will go to the lovely person who posts next. What caused you to pick as your character species?

Sherman, to the wayback machine! When I was 13 I got on AOL and started roleplaying in chatrooms. Eventually I had a werewolf character. I was attracted to ladies with animal tails, and I wound up with an actual “furry”. She introduced me to a chatroom full of normal furries and so I started talking there. Around the age of 14 they introduced me to FurryMUCK and Tapestries and that was it, I was sold.

Ladies with tails, man, gateway drug. But I always liked animal movies when I was a kid.

What caused you to pick as your character species?
I needed a species because everyone had one. So I picked a mole. I'm legally blind, I like to be a hermit in the dark, I eat terrible things, mole just seemed to fit me. Also I thought it was funny. If I ever had the gumption to change it I would change it to an ermine because I love the little bastards, and when I get excited/enthusiastic about something I get about as hyper as your typical woozl, but for now I'm sticking with a mole.

Friday/Dandin - why is your name Friday/Dandin? What’s with the dash? Is it because you are known by two names (Friday and Dandin) or … what?

Genetic engineering. XP

Open question: What sort of music do you like?

Dandin was a name I used for furry purposes before I had a 'sona. It’s a character from the Redwall books. Shortly after, I started going by Graal, and that was my tiger sona (and who’s depicted in my avatar). But I decided a few months after that that otter was really what I am, and started going by Friday. So now I have an FA account under ‘dandin’ and other accounts under ‘Friday,’ so I tend to do the slash so people don’t get too confused as to who I am.

@Dwale: Heartbreak music. Adele, T Swift, etc.

Open question: How long have you been in the fandom?

@Dwale I’m one of those weird people who don’t listen to music. I once had a collection of about 200 songs, HD crash lost it, so I said “Fuck it” and never really made the effort to hunt down any more. What I Like, when I hear it: Heavy metal, country, instrumental, and Celtic/Indian/etc music.

@Friday Neat. :slight_smile: As far as the fandom, I’ve been in it 16 years. I’m oooold.

@Dwale - I’m all over the place, but my tastes usually end up around melodic rock, tending to be sadder things because they have the right sound trasitions to give me all the feels.

@Fry Day - I’ve been in it…8 years I guess. Not actively till probably 5 years ago, though.

I’m a husky because my favourite animals are cats and wolves, but I didn’t think either was really me. I figured huskies are what you get if you cross a cat with a wolf :slight_smile: I’ve also been obsessed with snow and pine forests ever since I can remember. I guess my seminal furry books were White Fang and The Call of the Wild.

Question: do you guys have any pets, and if so what? I’d love a cat or dog but I work full-time, rent a flat in London, and spend a lot of evenings and weekends out. My ancient gerbil died about a year ago and I haven’t felt like getting replacements yet as I had him ages and he was a real little character.

I have three spoiled male rats. One is an absolute chunker and think he’s entitled to everything. They are fairly low maintenence, but require a much bigger cage or some time to run because they are bigger than a hamster or gerbil. I love them though.

@Dwale Not much variety in my taste in music. Most, if not all, of my library consists of pop-rock, alternative, and RnB. Basically anything with a fast beat. Friday can probably vouch that my taste is stereotypically feminine. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Huskyteer I’ve got three evil asshole stupid wonderful dogs that never shut the hell up and walk all over me.

Open question (That means you too, Friday): How did you come to your username? Any interesting stories?

Mine isn’t particularly interesting, or creative. Ripped right from an episode of Archer, although I’ve since cut it up a bit to something I actually somewhat like. Unfortunately just going by “Mars” on any website would be near impossible. :confused:

@Huskyteer: I have to care for my brother’s rescue greyhound with alarming regularity, so I’d consider him partially mine. I’ll never tell my bro that otherwise he’ll probably use it as an excuse to push more care off on me >.>

@Queen - My usernames most places end up being SRivercritic, obvious for what it stands for. Sean is my real first name (le-gasp!) and Rivercritic was my attempt at a last name that didn’t involve ‘paw’ or ‘tail’ or the word ‘otter’.

Here’s a good question to the general public. What inspired you to write?

@mars: Dandin was explained, and Friday is the name of my sona. The name came to me and just stuck around, and wouldn’t go away, and I finally decided that Friday is the happiest day of the week, so it would make sense for a happy character :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sean: Kyell Gold. More specifically, Dev and Lee. It’s the first time I’d really cared about characters in a book, and that saying where characters feel like old friends… that perfectly fits them. I decided I wanted more of that kind of thing. I wanted to make characters I loved. I did, and that ended up being my first novella, Standing. It also helped me parse some things I was struggling with in my life, and since then, I’ve been addicted. I want to get really good, but even if I never do, I’m having a blast.

I keep cats. I’ve never lived anywhere without at least one cat. I currently have…one cat. And she is a little monster.

I’ve been in the fandom for about…17, 18 years maybe? I used other names, though. I found out that the name I used primarily was also being used by someone else, so I decided to change it. “Dwale” is actually a character from my novel (in the first draft, everyone was named after plants) and I only intended to use it myself as a placeholder until I thought of something better…but eventually it just stuck.

To the next two posters below me: If you could change your species, what would it be and why? Mind you, this could be either in the furry world or for real.

Ooooh, I’ll cut in and get one of the questions from Sean: If I could change it real-world (and be transported to accompanying biome so I wouldn’t just die), I’d choose giant river otter. Chilling in the banks of South American rivers, being an apex predator, etc.

If I could change my 'sona’s species (currently otter), I wouldn’t. But if I had to, next candidate would be a large cat of some kind. Tiger, cloud leopard, black panther, and bobcats are all possibilities.

Question for the next three posters: what is your favorite animal, and is it the same as your sona?

I’d change into my fursona in a heartbeat. Any friends who couldn’t deal with my suddenly turning into a cartoon dog aren’t worth having.