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My favorite animal is the housecat. I love them above the others, yet I love the others very much as well. Is that my 'sona? No, it is not… or at least, not entirely, since I’m a composite critter. (It makes sense in universe.)

Folks, I think this “for the next x posters” trend is a bad one, since people are going to feel obliged to obey this as a “rule” but may not wish to actually answer the questions, thereby not responding at all until the slots have been exhausted. It’ll slow things down, which is the opposite of what we would like, no?

Fair enough, Dwale. I’ll ask another question, this one open: If you could travel back and forth between any fictional world and this one, what would that world be?

Definitely got to go with the His Dark Materials world. Technically has an infinite number of worlds within it, so there something there for everyone! Plus, people are a whole lot easier to understand when their personality is physically expressed through an animal familiar!

I mean, the whole nearly dying when you get separated from said familiar would suck, yeah. It’s a pet that talks and things just like you, though! Worth it.

Edit: And a question! For everyone: what is your favorite genre, be it to write or read? Outside of literature, what genres are you a fan of?

Japan! Oh, is that real…? Hmm.

I had to think for a long time about this. I decided that it would have to be the setting of “Haibane Renmei.” And I don’t think I would be inclined to come back. XP

It would have to be Narnia for me.

Favourite genre? I love funny books, and good children’s/YA literature. I’ll also read anything with spies or aeroplanes in.

And here’s where I get sucked into this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Outside literature, I like superhero movies, sci-fi tv, fantasy movies. I don’t deal with a lot of horror outside literature because currently human killer type of horror is prominent and that’s not my cup of tea.

I’ve always wanted to write since I was a little kid. What got me into doing it professionally are two things. One, a horrible break up where I later found out I dodged a huge bullet but at the time she was dragging me through the mud. Second, an interview I heard on Dead Robots Society where a lady said she got into writing because she wanted to be able to tell her daughter that she had succeeded in following one of her life long goals.

That’s what sparked me to write, I wanted to be able to tell my children that I have accomplished something I have wanted to do all my life.

Don’t go misinterpreting this question now, :stuck_out_tongue:

For everyone: What is your guilty pleasure? It could be food, some kind of entertainment, pretty much anything. So what’s yours?

@Mars: Eating is up there, and video games is also.

Open Question: What’s your favorite species that isn’t your fursona? Not that your favorite species is necessarily your fursona, but still.

EDIT: Since I need to answer my own question, I’ll say that my favorite animal that isn’t my 'sona’s species (either, since I technically have two, NA river otter and tiger) would probably be giant river otter. If that’s too similar for people, I’ll say clouded leopard.

You can tell I’m half asleep. Forgot to answer my own question.

My biggest guilty pleasure (which again, Friday already knows :P) is dance/rhythm video games. Doesn’t mean I’m any good, of course. Just means I close the blinds to avoid the neighbors seeing me dancing like a white person.

@Friday Gotta go with otters! Those squeely noises they make are adorable.

Coffee and…MLP.
(Though I am not a fan of the Pony Fandom by any stretch)

They were my first fursonna and will continue to be a favorite.

Open Question: Do you find writing erotic works easier than non-erotic works, or vice-versa?

I find writing the erotic parts of a story very difficult, and will often write ‘sex goes here’, move on, and sort it out later.

It can be slightly easier to pull an erotic story together, though. I struggle coming up with plots, and I find that if one strand of the plot has to be about sex/relationships, that helps me structure the story.

Favourite non-fursona species? Cats are my first love, and I adore wolves too. My favourite slightly off-beat species is the Ethiopian wolf - look how pretty they are:

What’s the oddest species you’ve ever put in a story? I tend to stick with the old familiar canines and felines, but I have a linsang character, Peace Man, of whom I’m very fond.

Well, I don’t really like writing erotica, but I seem to have a knack for it, so… I would say I have a pretty easy time of it, I just don’t like to do it.

Weirdest phenotype I’ve ever used would be the giraffe. I prefer to use species that have been well-studied so as to avoid making gaffs regarding behavior.

Weirdest thing I’ve used was an alien lizardman. Was a spaceship prostitute in similar vain to character in Ringworld. That was interesting. I think I lost that when I put a new motherboard in my computer and reinstalled windows, though.

Okay answers first: I find writing the erotic parts of a story easiest, because it’s fairy formulaic and the beginning/end is well-defined.

As for most unusual animal in a story, most of mine are normal. Probably a wolverine (for a butch lesbian character) and that’s not even all that exotic.

Question, what’s your favorite food dish? Yes, this was inspired by the shoutbox. Mine is this heavenly Vietnamese vegetarian dish with fried tofu, sticky rice, and a fresh spring roll.

Favorite dish? Have to go with hasselback potatoes. You take a potato, cut it a bunch halfway through and then open it up like a fan. Stuff the cuts with butter and parmesan. Drench in heavy cream and olive oil and bake. It makes the most delicious potatoes I’ve ever tasted.

I’m out of questions for now, so someone else will need to step in. :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite dish…? Ah, but that’s a toughy. I guess my favorite would probably be a randomized plate of mixed sushi and sashimi. I only get to eat that maybe once or twice a year, so it always seems special.

Open question: If you could write like anyone, who would it be?

Myself ten years from now, when hopefully I’ll have learned much more and honed my style and voice. And figured out novels. :stuck_out_tongue:

(And for the favorite dish question - a good steak is always nice, but I’ll go with pho for my answer, since it’s definitely in the stuff-I-love-but-can’t-make-at-home category.)

I’d give a great deal to write like Ray Bradbury, who makes the ordinary utterly enchanting. And I’d love to be as funny as P. G. Wodehouse or Jerome K. Jerome, and to do funny slice-of-life like Nick Hornby (of About A Boy, High Fidelity).

Favourite dish? SAUSAGE, CHIPS AND BEANS. Or my mum’s macaroni cheese.

A fine answer, but I expect that, like any good artist, you’ll be saying then, “Ok, now I’ve got the hang of it…a mere five or ten more years and I’ll really have it!”