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Upcoming workshops

Four Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Prose
Workshop leader: Frances Pauli

Workshop start date: July 11, 2016
Length: Two weeks
Format: Here in the FWGU forum

Registration start date: June 20, 2016, until full
Maximum number of students: 12

[i]Seek and destroy passive verbs, filters, wordiness and excessive modifiers in your writing. Identifying and eliminating these four common foes will make your prose pop, deepen your reader’s experience, and take your story to a whole new level.

In a two-week course, we will practice on sample passages provided in the forum exercises and by taking the material and applying it to writing samples of 3-5 pages provided by the students. So brush off a few pages of your work in progress, and join us on July 11th. [/i]

(Note: All workshop dates subject to change.)

I’m down to join. How do I sign up?

Registration will open for that one on June 20, when there’ll be a subforum made for that workshop and an enrollment thread posted there (same way as the poetry workshop was done).

Plan Your Novel
Workshop leader: Kyell Gold

Length: 6 weeks, one hour session over join.me (a free web program) each week plus homework

Sklll level: Intermediate. Students should be comfortable with short stories, but the course is aimed at people who’d like to write a novel and haven’t yet.

Max students: 6

Three sessions will examine the structure of novels and will put together a plan for people to write their novels. Two more will workshop the ideas people have brought for their novels. The last one will prepare people to start writing and will set up a support network to leave the course with.

We will set up a mailing list for class materials and for the class to ask questions between sessions and keep in touch after the workshop.

Registration will begin tomorrow, Saturday, October 22nd. (Note: technically it will begin when the subforum opens, which may be later tonight!)