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The Furry Megapack: reprints wanted

I’ve downloaded quite a few Megapacks for Kindle. These are bundles of short stories or novels, generally on themes like sci-fi or mystery. Some are author-specific while others mix ‘forgotten gems’ with more recent stories. They’re cheap and fun and a handy thing to have lying around on your Kindle. Example: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Fourth-Science-Fiction-Megapack-ebook/dp/B0085TK53K

So I was reading one of these things the other night, and I got to thinking about a Furry Megapack, which could be a cheap, widely available introduction to the genre.

The publisher is Wildside Press, who seem pretty open to sci-fi and fantasy of all kinds. I am strongly tempted to try and open a dialogue with them about a furry megapack.

[ul][li]Any suggestions as to how to proceed?[/li]
[li]Any obvious problems or caveats I’ve overlooked?[/li]
[li]Anyone care to offer a story? [/li][/ul]

That sounds like a great idea!

I sold my story, “The Necromouser,” to them as a reprint for the Zombie Megapack many years ago. They sent me a contract and paid me and everything. Except the Zombie Megapack never seemed to materialize which made me kind of sad.

But, yeah, I’d be more than happy to have a story in a Furry Megapack done by them.

Interesting - did they put out a call for submissions for the zombie collection? One-off payment? Nice to know someone has experience with them as a company.

I think it’s obvious that Kyell should contribute. In fact, his Gold Standard ebook would likely be suitable.

Also I think something of Rob’s, something spaceshippy might do.

While I would offer a story or two, I do not know what of mine would be… acceptable.

Yeah, I was thinking Kyell must have something he wouldn’t mind tossing in.

Interesting idea! I’ll have to see what I have laying around for reprintability…

So, just to make sure I understand, it’s basically a reprint anthology ebook – except longer than usual, no theme other than genre, and “megapack” sounds way cooler than “anthology.” :slight_smile:

Assuming it wouldn’t include erotica, I’d be happy to contribute any of my stuff that isn’t currently under contract.

(As a side note, it’s not the same thing, but I admit I’ve wanted to see a furry publisher do something like a Humble Bundle deal for some time now…)

I’m pretty sure it’s all reprints, yep. I haven’t seen any outright erotica on their list, so you’re probably safe there. I’ll see if I can find out some more…

I found out about the Wildside Press Megapacks through the grapevine from another writer in my writing group. At the time, they were looking for stories for the second science-fiction megapack. I submitted several stories, and they were all rejected except for “The Necromouser” which I was told had been accepted to the Zombie Megapack. I believe they were only looking for reprints, and I was told that the bar was VERY high for the science-fiction megapacks. Lots of competition.

So, that’s approximately everything I know.

I’d first make a business case- size of the fandom, number of book sales, etc. Then I’d attach two-three of what you consider to be our fandom’s best, most suitable stories for such a collection (show, don’t tell) to demonstrate what you mean.

It’s a good idea. Who knows-- they might actually listen, and nothing ventured nothing gained.

Fascinating idea. I’d certainly be interested in how this works out.

Rabbit, thank you - that’s an excellent suggestion!

I’d be willing to contribute. :smiley:

With the relatively positive-sparked interest in the fandom over the past year from those who never even knew it existed, or only knew of it from the crap on tv, I think this would be a great idea! I’d love to contribute, though I doubt any of my stories are of good enough quality X3 Might I also recommend something from MCA Hogarth, specially if it’s not going to be Adult? She has a few amazing shorts already out there <3

Draft of a possible email. Suggestions welcome! I’m heading off for the weekend so I’ll just leave this here :slight_smile:


I’m writing to suggest an addition to the Megapack line.

Furry fiction is fiction that involves anthropomorphic animals - anything from classics like Watership Down and The Island of Dr Moreau to the more recent Lives of the Monster Dogs, Forests of the Night, and the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction 2015 shortlisted The Bees.

Furry fiction today is in a similar state to science fiction in the early 20th century: a genre in its infancy, not yet officially recognised but rapidly growing. There are three specialist small press imprints (Sofawolf Press, Furplanet Books, and Rabbit Valley Comics) and a quantity of short stories and serials posted online. The number of print books and ebooks released each year is on the increase, as is the market.

A Furry Megapack would be a way to introduce new fans to the genre, while letting established furry readers make a cheap and comprehensive addition to their collection. If you were to put out a call for submissions, I’d be glad to help bring it to the attention of our authors.

I have attached [X] examples of furry short stories I consider outstanding: [TITLES].

See also: http://furrywritersguild.com/what-is-furry/

Thank you for your time - I hope to hear back from you.

Alice Dryden
Member, Furry Writers’ Guild (http://furrywritersguild.com)

Let’s hope someone likes the suggestion!

Yay! And thanks!

It looks good to me :smiley: Really hoping to see this take off, and will be buying a copy myself when (keeping positive!) it does!

Thanks for the feedback, and to those who PMed me also!

I got a reply!

Thanks for the suggestion. Although I've been somewhat "discovered" by furry fandom because of my 1990s novels Johnny Zed and Rememory, and my short story "Vole" is being reprinted in a Furry Nation anthology, it's not something that I know well enough to put together a MEGAPACK.

I do think it’s a great idea, though. Would you be interested in being the editor for a Furry MEGAPACK for Wildside?

Gosh. So…I would very much like to take this project on, even though I feel there are others out there who would make better eds. And if it comes off I will be asking for a lot of help, guidance and opinions, because I want to get this right and I can already think of several ways I could inadvertently offend or annoy the entire fandom.

Gosh, there’s a part of me that would KILL for a chance to inadvertently offend or annoy the entire fandom!
Although, I suspect Sibe has that honor currently. :wink:

Give it a shot Huskyteer!