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So, we have started a telegram group for the FWG! If anyone has a telegram username, please post it on here so that everyone can connect with each other. Make sure to tell people who you are. We don’t want anyone to get confused. :wink:

Here’s the telegram group link for anyone interested:

To get the ball rolling, my telegram username is: lykanprince

See you all online! :slight_smile:

I’ve been replacing Skype with Telegram of late, so I’m all for this! My username is drabmakyo! ^^

My Telegram is systematicweasel I’ve been enjoying this one a lot. I’m slowly replacing my skype with it as well. It’s pretty nice. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a cell phone so I guess I can’t use it? ^.^;

…I still don’t really understand what Telegram is except there are stickers involved.

Sounds like fun, mine is Wolfyneko25

I recently hopped on the bandwagon as Munchkat, and am currently in the FWG group >.>

For those wondering, you can access Telegram on your PC, but from what I’ve been told, you’ll need to give them some form of number for a verification code. I’m starting to prefer it over Skype because it takes a LOT less to run it, which is vital for my craptastic cell, and the stickers are kind of addictive >.>

Telegram does, unfortunately, require a phone number in order to use it. I’m on there, though.

Betcha can’t guess my username!

For anyone without a phone or that doesn’t want to use their phone number:

Telegram has a desktop client.


Telegram can be used with a google voice number.

Is the group still active? Telegram says the group’s no longer exists?

It very much still exists, yes, but… Telegram is currently under attack by some group or another. It’ll be back, but today it might be up and down quite a bit.

It’s still coming up as broken - any update?

It’s working fine for me.

The chat itself may be fine, but the telegram.me link given in the first message to join isn’t working. When you click it, Telegram says “Sorry, this group does not seem to exist.” I’m presuming that’s what Arian and Leinir found, and it’s what I found both a few days ago when I tried to join and again just now. Perhaps the link needs to be regenerated.

That’s it exactly. I assumed it was down because of the issues Telegram was experiencing yesterday but all should be well now.

Alternatively, if you could invite @bestmare, I’d love to join in the group chat. :slight_smile:

Voice Spider

Mine is @tigerwriter93

I know a lot of people have mentioned a broken link, or that the group doesn’t exist. I have the former problem.
Not sure why this is, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Any update here? :slight_smile:

telegram is @colliefoxen and I’d love an invite if there hasn’t been an update to the link that I’m somehow missing

If the group is still active, could I get an invite as well, please?