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Sign-ups for Kyell’s Plan Your Novel workshop are open here!

This is a six-week course, which will have a weekly class component run over join.me. (This is a free web application.) Kyell writes,

Students should be comfortable with short stories, but the course is aimed at people who'd like to write a novel and haven't yet. Three sessions will examine the structure of novels and will put together a plan for people to write their novels. Two more will workshop the ideas people have brought for their novels. The last one will prepare people to start writing and will set up a support network to leave the course with.

There’s room for six students, with this restriction: “Attendees should come with at least some idea of a novel they want to write.”

That’s a good idea. Hope he continues to run these. :slight_smile:

I would definitely be interested in signing up. I have written a few novels, but I would love some small-group guidance. I’m a much better editor than writer.

Do we know the dates/times of the classes? I’d be interested but I feel my schedule may be too full :frowning:

I second Ocean; I’m super interested (and think I have an idea long enough for a novel… maybe), but it would depend on dates and times.

Dates and times are flexible. I was sort of planning on Saturday late morning/early afternoon, but once we have a class, we can find a time that works for everyone. Hopefully. :slight_smile:

Interested! Though I am 7k words in already. Still, having a plan will make the rest flow better, right?

Do we simply reply to this thread to apply? Also, are you charging tuition? ;D

When do these sessions start? School’s super busy for me until mid december, but if they start sometime after that I would be interested.

Yes, you can have already started. :slight_smile: And to sign up, reply to this thread saying you’re interested, and direct message/e-mail me with a contact e-mail address.

I’d intended for it to start first weekend of November so that we don’t have to take a break over the holidays and then run into FC… but it depends on the group and what they want. Right now it looks like I have one person definite and three maybes-depending-on-timing, and I’m not going to run it for just one person, so once we get everyone together we’ll figure out what works best.

If it’s after december, then I would be definitely interested, but don’t hold the line for me :slight_smile:

I’d love to attend portions of the the course as an auditor, if that’s possible? Obviously currently in the middle of my second novel, but I do love to learn.

I’m very interested, since I already have most of a novel completed and am struggling with major rewrites. I’m free Saturdays and am on east coast time. Hope there’s still room.

I’m interested in joining if this is still open. I’m sketching out the plot to my first novel and I’m always interested in becoming a better author.

You folks who’ve already signed up, thanks! Tomorrow I’ll start coordinating things. If you’re still interested and haven’t yet, there’s still a day or so to go… :slight_smile:

Is there anyway I can get a “written copy” or maybe some recorded YouTube links for this class that has came and went? I have limited internet data but this class would help me with my current novel I’m writing.

I too am curious about whether the lessons for this class are recorded anywhere. I feel like even an archived version would be a very helpful resource! :slight_smile:

This is also interesting! I am curious about this course as well