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Session #2: Rhyme

Session #2: Rhyme

We here at the FWG are confident that you know what a rhyme is, so we shall spare you the definition. Instead, we will mention that different types of rhyme and discuss their usage.

Rhyme- By itself this usually means “rhyme at the ends of lines.” You all know this one. Indeed, it may well be the first technique you learned. Beginners sometimes have the impression this is all they need to know.

A rhyme that occurs NOT at the ends of lines is called “internal rhyme.”

Additionally, rhymes are either masculine or feminine. Single-syllable rhymes are masculine, whereas multi-syllabic rhymes are feminine.
Masculine: Stops cops
Feminine: Macho nacho

Some rhymes are approximate. To no one’s surprise, these are called “approximate rhymes.”
Masculine: Goat toast
Feminine: Pleasure heifer

There’s more to it than what I’ve stated. Look here to learn more about the technical dimension: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhyme

“But Auntie,” no one says, “how are we to best utilize these fabulous powers?”

First and foremost, just experiment! Experience is a great teacher. But, we shall provide a few pointers:

  1. Feminine rhyme tends to strike the ear as “funny” for some reason. Be careful using feminine rhyme for serious subject matter.
  2. Your accent probably means some things rhyme for you that wouldn’t (at least as well) for others. I would say, “Just go with it. Hey, it was good enough for Shakespeare.” Your call, though.
  3. Using a lot of internal rhyme, especially common, first-thing-to-pop-into-your-head rhymes, can make your poetry come off as gaudy. A little goes a long way.
  4. There will always be haters, regardless of your rhymes’ dopeness.

[reserving this space because I’m certain I’ll think of other points…]

Suggested exercises:
Write a poem from four to twenty lines in length. Make it rhyme.
Try to write some rap lyrics. It’s fun, I promise.

I almost always use rhyme for funny poems and free verse for more serious ones, so I am going to attempt a sensible rhyming poem…

I might touch upon some spoken poetry again. You yourself saw how it can read really off (or awful?), but when spoken with the right emphasis and such, can really turn out as something special. And I honestly kind of miss it >.>