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The theme for ROAR 9 will be “RESISTANCE.”

The guidelines will most likely stay pretty much the same as they were for ROAR 8, so I’ve thrown a quick guidelines page together. Keep in mind, submissions won’t actually open until the end of the summer, so the guidelines could still get tweaked.

ROAR 8 didn’t work out for me this yea, but I hope to have something ready for ROAR 9!

ROAR 9 will be opening to submissions on September 1st. The guidelines are here: http://marylowd.com/ROAR-9-Submission-Call.html

I haven’t written for ROAR before. I may give it a try once I can think of a story idea.

I predict there will be at least one submission involving electrical resistance.

Knowing full well that you may or may not, choose a single submission, how many may i send in? I have many!

My official stand on this issues, pulled from the guidelines, is: “Keep it reasonable; two or three stories at a time is probably okay; ten isn’t.”

ROAR Volume 9 is now open to submissions! Send in those furry resistance stories!




Only a month left to submit!

Less than two weeks left to submit to ROAR 9! Send those furry RESISTANCE stories in! http://marylowd.com/ROAR-9-Submission-Call.html

I know there is only a week and half left to submit to this, but what is the rating for this anthology? I’m assuming nothing past PG-13, as I know this would be intended for a general audience, but I would like to double-check on that.

Currently editing the completed draft right now, so mine should be ready by the time Feb. 1st hits.

Less than an R-rating if it were a movie is a good rule of thumb.

Tomorrow’s the last day!!!

ROAR 9 received approximately 500k words of fiction, across about 70 submitted stories. So far, I’ve read about 300k.

Dang o.O… but you complete half the stack already <<;…

Dang! You’re blasting through these aren’t ya?

Though I take it still might be a while until those who’ve submitted will receive a response?

I’m doing what I can! I’ve still got a bunch to read, so I’m not moving as fast as in previous years… (When I had pretty much all the decisions made by the end of the first week.) But I’m planning to spend most of tomorrow reading, so hopefully that’ll get me a lot closer to having read it all. Once I’ve read everything, then I can start thinking about actual choices.

Wow! Glad to see there was so much interest in this anthology!

Must be a lot of good stories then! Can’t wait to read this when it comes out!

There are indeed a lot of good stories. I think I’m going to have some difficult decisions to make.

Reading update: I’m up to 357k (out of 500k) already read. Time to see how much I can get read with an entire afternoon devoted to reading.