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So this is me being paranoid, but I wanted to make sure my submission was actually received. I didn’t know if you were sending acknowledgement emails back just to verify that you got them.

If you sent your story after the turn of the year, then I didn’t send an acknowledgement of receipt. I can check for you, but I’d need more information than the name “Harry.”

In other news, no final decisions have been sent out yet, but I’m starting to narrow in on what those final decisions will be.

All responses to ROAR 9 have been sent out. The pool of submissions was extremely strong this year, and many of the rejections were very hard to send. However, I’m very excited about the group of stories I accepted.

I’m told that all of the contracts for ROAR 9 have been sent out, so this seems like a good time to announce the Table of Contents:

“Saguaros” by Watts Martin
“Ghosts” by Searska GreyRaven
“Froggy Stews” by A. Humphrey Lanham
“Post-Isolation” by Ellis Aen
“Resistance” by David M Sula
“The Hard Way” by Val E Ford
“Coyote Magic” by Ryan Campbell
“The Last Roundup” by Amy Fontaine
“Safe Mode” by John Giezentanner
“Laotian Rhapsoldy” by Al Song
“Qibla” by Bill Kieffer
“Dear Sis” by Matt Doyle
"Every Last Paw"by Blake Hutchins
“Mixed Blessings” by Kittara Foxworthy
“No Dogs” by KC Alpinus

There are some truly excellent stories in this line-up and a nice mix of tones and genres, including stories from both returning authors and at least one author for whom this is their first publication. (Always exciting!)

In other news, the guidelines for ROAR 10 are already posted if you want to get a head start on writing for it. The theme is Community: http://marylowd.com/ROAR-10-Submission-Call.html

ROAR Volume 9 is now available for pre-order!


Also, check out this gorgeous cover:

Beautiful!! <3