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Recommended works published in 2015

The adult RainFurrst Anthology is out.
Naughty Sexy Furry Writing: Enter At Your Own Risk aka NSFW and simply Enter At Your Own Risk.

I’m reviewing it as I read @ http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/13643751

Heart by Bryan Nickleberry

Welcome to my Parlor by Rechan

Ol’grem by Cheshire

Steed and Steel by Bill Kieffer

Thicker than Blood by Kits

Jailbreak by PJ Wolf

One of the above is by this horse, but I forget which one. ;D

Re: Ol’ Grem

I actually had a different perspective. For instance, I think it could have been improved mightily had it been from Ol’ Grem’s perspective the entire time.

Note: this thread is for recommending works for people to consider before the 2015 Coyotls. If you want to discuss those works, please start a different thread in a more appropriate part of the forums – perhaps the library.

Out’ve curiosity, what category would Mary’s “Necromouser and Other Magical Cats” quialify for? If you were looking at the whole book, rather than individual stories.

Would it be an anthology, even if it’s a collection by a single author?

To qualify for the anthology category, a book has to include work from more than 2 authors. There really isn’t a category for a single-author collection, so the only option I know of is to nominate individual stories if they were published for the first time in that volume.

There’s actually nothing in the definition of “novel” to discount a collection of single author short stories that sum to more than 50k words and are all published together. So, probably, “The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats” would count as a novel. Individual stories from such a collection would also be eligible as individual stories.

By that reasoning, though, a collection of flash fiction could count as a “short story” if it didn’t go over 10K. :confused: Yeah, I guess there’s nothing technically in the rules to prevent it, but it’s straining the definition a bit IMO, since I tend to think of “short story,” “novella,” and “novel” being terms that refer to single works of fiction.

If less than 50K, wouldn’t it be a novella? I mean Necromouser may be more than 50k, I’m just asking hypotheticals.

I think that an author collection would fit better in the Anthology section, but then you wind up having to decide one anthology of one author, versus one anthology of multiple authors, and I think most people would go with the latter on principle.

Actually, I think “The Necromouser and Other Magical Cats” is less than 50k. So, I was wrong – it would count as a novella.

Edit: Though, I will likely withdraw my own fiction from consideration for the Coyotl Awards again, so this is really an academic example.

This always seemed odd to me. There is such a thing as a single-author anthology. IMO, books like Necromouser and Huntress should be considered anthologies.

To me, “anthology” has always implied works from various authors, and a “collection” is works from one, but this might just be semantics, since the dictionary definitions of “anthology” seem to encompass both anymore.

I, too, have been brought up to distinguish anthologies as containing works by different authors and collections as containing different works by the same author. I would rather have the Cóyotl category changed to include “anthologies or collections” than to define collections as anthologies for award purposes.

One work I’d like to recommend from my house is “Furries Among Us.”

I don’t think Koa of the Drowned Kingdom by Ryan Campbell has been mentioned here, and it’s excellent. I think it’s a novel? (Not sure – it could be a novella?)

The rules say that “works may not be nominated by their authors, editors, publishers, or agents”. How far does this go? I clearly can’t nominate any anthology edited by Fred Patten, but what about a story or novella by someone else that’s in an anthology edited by me?

As I think has already been mentioned, I had only one work out this year in wide circulation: the novella Losing My Religion.

Question, though: I wrote and released a dozen short stories to my Patreon audience, and am going to be publishing them this year to the world. What year would they be eligible to be considered in? Does publication to a restricted site count as publication or is that a “sneak preview” prior to the actual publication?

Inhuman Acts is eligible for a Coyotl under anthology and collections.

All the stories between its covers are eligible for the short story award:

Muskrat Blues by Ianus Wolf
Fixer by Watts Martin
Danger in the Lumo-Bay by Mary E. Lowd
River City Nights by Tana Simensis
Every Breath Closer by Slip Wolf
Ghosts by Solus Lupus
A Blacker Dog by Huskyteer
Crimson on Copper by Tony Greyfox
Vermin’s Vice by T.S. McNally
Scorned by K.C. Alpinus
Bullet Tooth Claw by Marshall L. Moseley
Guardian Angels by Nicholas Hardin
Brooklyn Blackie and the Unappetizing Menu by Bill Kieffer

The editor of an anthology cannot nominate a story/novella from that anthology.

I think that the Patreon release would count as a sneak peak. So, those stories would become eligible when you release them to the general public.

Well, I’m not expecting it to win any awards but I suppose my novella The Pride of Parahumans qualifies. I published it in February.

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