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Recommended works published in 2015

A thread to recommend works published in 2015 that you feel FWG members should consider for the awards. Authors, editors, publishers - feel free to mention your publications from 2015 so we know what’s eligible!

For reference, our length criteria:

Less than 20K = short story (changed, see edit note below)
20K - 50K = novella (changed, see edit note below)
More than 50K = novel

(Anthologies can be of any length.)

Edited 2/22/2016 to add: Please note our two minor category changes, which took effect after this thread began:

  1. The dividing line between short stories and novellas has been moved from 10,000 words to 20,000 words.

  2. Anthologies are no longer required to contain works by three different authors. (In other words, single-author story collections may now be included under the anthology category.)

Anthologies can be of any length, but they must contain works from three or more different authors.

True. I was only saying there’s no specified word count range for anthologies.

A novel of my own creation, Searching Arcania, was published just a few months ago.

It’s a sci-fi/fantasy/adventure about a human, making his way across a planet inhabited by anthros, looking for more humans. What he finds along the way, is more than he expected.

Most of the stories in ROAR 6 are eligible for 2015. (A few are reprints and thus aren’t eligible as individual stories.)

Short stories:

“Faithful” by Marshall L. Moseley
“Gerbil 07” by Huskyteer
“CSI: Transylvania” by Kevin M. Glover
“Hard Scratching In Kittytown” by Blake Hutchins
“Hold the Moon” by Eric M. Witchey
“Ernest” by Lyn McConchie
“Two Crows, Two Wires, and the Moon” by Andrew S. Taylor
“Ivan and the Black Riders” by Kris Schnee
“Into the Wind” by Rechan
“At What Cost” by Jeeves the Roo
“A City With No Children” by James Stegall
“Perch” by Sarah Doebereiner
“The Cat Thief” by Laura “Munchkin” Lewis
“Food, Feuds and Fake Flora” by Ocean Tigrox
“0mega” by Garrett Marco
“Relics, Rabbits, and Tuscan Reds” by Slip Wolf
“Shadows of Horses” by Phil Geusz
“Coyote’s Voice” by Altivo Overo
“Prof Fox” by Mark Patrick Lynch
“Wolves and Foxes” by Amy Fontaine
“Unexpected Bouquets” by Ellen Saunders
“Clearance Papers” by Fred Patten


“Brush and Sniff” by mwalimu

What do you call a book that contains stories from only two different authors?

Difficult to classify.


Oh, my god, I’m in love with this story.

Be Not Unequally Yoked, by Alexis A. Hunter, about 6.5k words

appeared in Shimmer #23, a market recommended by Ryff, if I recall correctly.

O.O Wait, so my story for WotA 3 could qualify as a novella? Now there’s an interesting thought.

Paul Kidd’s “GeneStorm: City in the Sky” is an almost surefire contender for the 2015 best novel Cóyotl. It probably won’t be the very best furry novel of 2015, but it’s definitely a very enjoyable and very furry novel.

An even better novel in my opinion is “Thousand Tales” by Kris Schnee. My review of it hasn’t been published yet.

My eligible short stories coming out this year:

[s]“Eight Seconds and the Grace of God” in “Claw Your Way to Victory: Anthropomorphics in Sports” published by AnthroAquatic.

“After the Last Bell’s Rung” in “Claw Your Way to Victory: Anthropomorphics in Sports” published by AnthroAquatic.[/s] Nevermind, not out until January 2016!

“The Years of Living Dangerously Happy” in “Hot Dish Volume 2” by SofaWolf Press

“Plow Mare” in “Will of the Alpha 3” published by FurPlanet.

I’ll have two short stories published this year. “Tow” was part of The Furry Future, and my noir story “Fixer” will be in Inhuman Acts (assuming I’ve got the name right).

Would like to mention that Claw the Way to Victory will not be released until January of 2016.

My review of “Thousand Tales” is online now.


“Windfall” by Tempe O’Kun

“The Vinama Incident” by Rose LaCroix

“Forest Gods” by Ryan Campbell

“The Shadows that Linger” by M. Andrew Rudder

“Don’t Call Me Coach” by Tagenar


Will of the Alpha 2

“Raddlepated” by Whyte Yoté
“Training Kane” by Talon Rihai and Salome Wilde
“A Peculiar Case of Symbiosis” by Friday Donnelly
“A Lesson to be Learned” by Tarl “Voice” Hoch
“Teamwork” by Tym Greene
“The Book of Peril” by H. A. Kirsch
“Method Acting” by Lafitte
“Unmanned” by Kjorteo Kalante
“Chain Link” by Slip-Wolf
“Interchangeable Parts” by George Squares
“Twins Apart” by Ross Whitlock

Will of the Alpha 3

“Dominant Roles” by Dark End
“Mustard Maloto” by Slip-Wolf
“The Duck Quacks Twice” by Ocean Tigrox
“Interface” by Ava Herries
“The Were-Human” by Chastity Chatterley
“The Importance of Trust” by Tarl “Voice” Hoch
“Lucid Daydream” by Lafitte
“Plow Mare” by Patrick “Bahumat” Rochefort
“Home At Last” by Lauren “Munchkin” Lewis
“Fourth and Long” by Whyte Yote
“The Light In His Eyes” by StormKitty

Dungeon Grind

“Fifty Scales of Grey” by Sarina Dorie
“Velvet” by Rechan
“The Oni and the Fisherman” by George Squares
“The Desert Run” by Tym Greene
“Dragon Therapy” by Whyte Yoté
“Blackhorn” by Tarl “Voice” Hoch
“Eyes on the Black” by Kandrel
“Peryton Mod” by Ross Whitlock
“Sighs for the Labyrinth” by Slip-Wolf
“Forbidden Gnolledge” by Marderschaden


“Losing My Religion” by Kyell Gold

Short Stories

“A Private Escape” by Kandrel (Heat 12)

“The Games We Play” by Dark End (Heat 12)

“TLC” By Rechan (Heat 12)

“Glory of the Gods” by NightEyes (Heat 12)

“Unfading” by Slip-Wolf (Heat 12)

I would post the ToC for the two RF anthologies, The Furry Future and An Anthropomorphic Century but I don’t know which (if any) stories are over 10K and thus qualify as novellas.

Both Windfall and Vimana Incident should be in the novels category due to their wordcounts. Vimana is 69,500 and Windfall is 59,500.

Let’s see, in 2015, I put out four novels with furry characters:

Either Side of the Strand (http://haikujaguar.livejournal.com/1478254.html)
The Blood Ladders trilogy (http://haikujaguar.livejournal.com/1485785.html)

Since this has turned out to be a year of reprint publications for me, I don’t have much eligible this time around, but just for the record (and mostly because it gives me a tiny but satisfying feeling of accomplishment to list what new stuff I did manage to write and publish this year)…

Short Stories
“The Shape of the Sky” in Huntress
“Kamara and the Star-Beast” in Huntress

“The Lady’s Service” in A Menagerie of Heroes
“Where the Rivers Meet” in Huntress

I’ll also point out Goddess by Arilin Thorferra in the novella category. Because, why not. It’s gotten good reviews!

My novel, Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard will be released by Tor Books on December 29th, so it sneaks onto the 2015 calendar, but just barely.

The elevator pitch was Dune meets The Sixth Sense, with Elephants.

The pitch on my postcards is: Prophecy. Intolerance. Loyalty. Conspiracy. Friendship. A Drug for Speaking to the Dead. Also Elephants, in Space.

And for those who want such things, here’s a link: http://j.mp/BARSKpreorder