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RAWR 2016 Workshop/Conference for Furry Authors OMG


Very, very neat.

I can’t make 2016, not given I’m going to MWFF. But 2017, oh you can bet your boots I’m applying :open_mouth:


I would not qualify for such a thing, unfortunately. Everyone else should let me know how it goes, though!

Interested, but I’m also up in frozen northern canuckistan.

See now if we could franchise this, a bunch of the canadian FWG live just a few hours drive in Calgary… >_>

I kinda missed the qualifications portion of the event. Other than Furries, who are they looking for?

People with writing samples who apply.

I’m strictly an editor. Most of the workshop is writing and peer editing writing samples, and I would not be writing anything.

As someone who’s on the committee to help put this together, I encourage anyone interested to apply. The writing sample is to both give us an idea of your writing and who you are, but also that you have the technical skills to participate. This retreat is not here to teach you the correct use of commas and grammar. It’s to help build relationships with other authors while all growing and improving our craft.

If the west coast doesn’t work for you, that’s understandable. There are ideas for expanding and having retreats in other locations if things go well. This first year, like most first years, will be exploring how well people react to the idea, the amount of people interested, and seeing how everything goes. So if you’re not able to make it or apply, spread the word and let us know that this is something that interests you.

This sounds cool! I will be in California at the time, so I will contemplate applying… though lack of funds and a (possibly) conflicting family visit may be limiting factors.

When is the deadline?

I am very confused. Is the application for 2015 or 2016?
I won’t have enough money by the end of the year…

The deadline is mid-October I believe. We need to make sure we have enough time to read through the applicants and still give them enough time to make travel preparations if selected.

The first retreat will be in Jan 2016. I’m not sure when payment has to me made but I will bring that up at our next meeting.

The website mentions “founders” but doesn’t name anyone other than Kyell Gold. Who else is on the committee?

Kyell, myself, Dark End, Sparf, and Chandra al-Alkani

Nice! Also, is the price listed for a room the cost per night, or the total cost of lodging for the span of the workshop? Just wondering.

It is the cost of lodging for the length of the retreat.

I’m assuming that the writing sample is meant to be a creative sample? I have many writing samples, but only one creative one that fits the maximum length and that was submitted to Heat.

We’re not expecting people to write new original stories for the writing sample as the deadline really doesn’t provide enough time for that. Something you’ve submitted to an anthology is fine as is something that you’ve posted online or otherwise. Send in something that samples your writing and that you think showcases what you do best. Remember you’re not trying to wow us, we’re not an anthology; we’re just trying to evaluate your writing skill and learn more about who you are.