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RAWR 2016 Workshop/Conference for Furry Authors OMG

I would love to participate in such an event, but sadly the West Coast is indeed beyond my reach. If the organizers wish to consider holding one of these in low-cost Tennessee sometime in the future, I’d gladly volunteer to help organize it.

There’s definitely been talks about doing this in other regions, specifically an east coast one in the future. But at the moment we’re focusing on running this west coast one, working out any kinks and making sure this is viable to continue for future years.

Just keep me in mind, is all I ask. Good luck, and may a good, productive time be had by all! =:3

I too will be unable to attend the first year but hope to in the future, especially if held closer to where I live.

I won’t even have vacation time until late next year x.x As is, I’ll have to take unpaid days for RF if it gets approved (should know by tomorrow x.x). I’ll be looking forward to this spreading further north though :3 It looks like it should be a lot of fun!

Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to mention that if you are interested and/or able to go to RAWR 2016, you only have 6 days left to apply!

Part one of the application is a standard application where we gather information.

Part two of the application is a writing sample, which can be something previously published!

I’m also pleased to announce that Ryan Campbell will be one of our guest lecturers for the event! Thanks Ryan, and congrats on being one of Rainfurrest’s Guests of Honor next year!

For a lot more information: http://www.rawr.community

Thanks (and that’s all for my shameless plug!)

Hi, all!

There has been a general extension to the deadline for applications!

If you’re interested, apply by October 15, 11:59 PM PDT, and don’t forget the writing sample! It can be anything, published or not, but should be what you feel is your best work!


I’m not planning on participating this year due to cost issues, as earlier stated. However, I’m very interested in the concept. Are there any updates to be had? How many expressed interest, etc?

There was panel at FC which Alkani, Kyell, and Ryan Campbell hosted. They were the coordinator and instructors. They answered questions and discussed how it went. Two of the attendees, Sparf and Skunkbomb, were in the audience and gave their impressions from the student side of things.

If I recall correctly, Alkani said there were 11 applicants. 5 students were chosen to participate.

Thank you!