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Rainfurrest - FWG Mixer?

hugs Munch

Just received the preliminary writing track panel list today. The Coyotl Awards Ceremony is listed, but no official FWG panel. Will look into it later this week.

Munchkin, I didn’t mean to rain on your parade and I hope no feelings were hurt. But… I’ve just seen Too Many things go wrong to be silent.

I hope to meet you at RF and have a pleasant time getting to know you.

I am all for this idea. I absolutely loved the book launch for the con’s anthology last year. Just sitting and chatting with snacks and booze was great. :slight_smile:

I will point out that there was in fact alcohol at the book launch (though most of it went right into Ocean :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I dunno if that’s really an issue.

As for the mixer, I’d love the contribute either money to buy food, or make something for this. I’d love to make white trash dip if I do. :3

I just got a text from the big guys this weekend kind of unofficially officially asking me to be the main collector of funds for FWG Meet and Greet and/or Mixer. Details are supposed to be smoothed out this next Saturday, but I’ve already promised a friend I’d be going to his graduation at UW >.< So I’ll have to ask someone to take notes for me, and see if I can’t get EXACTLY what they’re hoping for this.

Either way, it looks like I’ll be the bank. I can take screenshots whenever I receive money through PP so the big guys will have proof of dollar amounts. You are also welcome to contact Kits to verify the accurate amount on the screen shot. If you want to donate via check or money order, I’ll get the infor from Kits for you. If you want to donate time or materials, please let me know ahead of time so I can inform Kits and we’ll know exactly what we’re working with.

It’s not that I think you guys don’t trust me; I just want to make 100% certain all bases are covered, specially since there might be folks who don’t really know me but want to donate.

For now, please send any PP donations to ipseclewis@gmail.com along with a name I can attach to you so I’ll know which screen shot to send upon request.

I will say in my case that I will be only able to contribute in cash in person to this. :S

X3 No worries. It’s still very much appreciated!

The FWG Meet & Greet has always been basically a panel in the past. It’s sort of like a business meeting usually, where we talk about ideas for how to run the guild and what the guild should be doing. So, I’m not sure why it would need donations.

Agreed. What I was told by Hunter sounded like we were doing the same thing as last year, and that that was going to be confirmed at the meeting this Saturday. If things have changed, then I’m completely confused at this point. -_-

It seems we’re getting two completely different stories, unless they’re planning on doing two completely different things v.v Frustrating since I’ve already promised to attend the graduation and would feel way too scummy backing out of said promise. Hoping we can still somehow get it all straightened out this weekend either way, even if it all has to be through text messaging or something.

I have a feeling that someone somewhere is confusing these two events. There are:

  • The FWG Panel, which is what we have every year, that discusses the FWG and encourages new members to join
  • This meetup, which is essentially a kaffeeklatch (I’m sure I butchered that spelling) as they did last year, where whoever just gets together and talks, though this would be in the PM.

The former is the official convention item, and the latter is an informal get-togther.

I agree there could be some confusion on RF’s part about what the Meet & Greet exactly is, and that it’s not a mixer with refreshments but more like a regular panel. (Not that there couldn’t be refreshments, but it’s not really necessary either.) So that could be the only misunderstanding that’s confusing things.

What was said to me in an email on Saturday was that the FWG Meet & Greet would be “outside of the conventional paneling space, and use the suites like before,” and that it would be on the official schedule once they got “the okay to put it up under the convention’s hospitality suite.” Since I was told that last year the Meet & Greet was held in the suites, then I took all that to mean things are going to be the same as last year. shrug So that’s all I know.

Seeing as the con suite held half of the official panels, I don’t see how it’s different than the panels that are in the “conventional paneling space”. The suite wasn’t bad for the guild panel last year, but it’s still an official event. I phrased it this way when I mentioned it to him, so hopefully that’s still the plan.

There’s definitely a lot of confusion in this thread. :S

My understanding is this: we are trying to do two different things and people are confusing them as one. The meet and greet is what we did last year, an official panel in the writers’ suite. That had no booze, no refreshments of any kind in fact. I believe Munch is suggesting a second get together (the mixer) in the form of an after-hours get together (pretty much what happened after the book launch last year). In regards to alcohol and food, I think we’re all mature enough to handle it being present. We were just fine last year. After the book launch, we sat around and all chatted. That’s…really all we did. If it’ll please people to keep it an unofficial thing, then fine. I personally feel that if it’s after hours and framed as the mature social get together I think Munch is thinking, then there’s not really an issue with it.

I plan to make a hot dip possibly bring something to drink for the mixer if I am able. :slight_smile:

Wow, this thread did NOT want me to reply for some reason x.x

I realized after my last reply that what Sean said is what’s most likely happening. I reviewed the texts I exchanged with the big guys, who were specifically making sure I was handling donations and such for “food, drinks, and other supplies”. Still seems to be a bit of confusion if folks would be able to bring alcohol or if they’re going to reinforce the dry rule, so hoping that’ll get clarified. Either way, it does look like it’s the Meet and Greet, akin to the Book Launch of last year.

Munchkin, are we talking about holding 2 separate events, an official FWG Meet & Greet that will be on the RF schedule (like the panel last year) and an unofficial mixer/party? Or am I still misunderstanding things? Just trying to get on the same page here. :slight_smile:

Okay, so I didn’t want to go back to this thread until I had some answers. We met up with Bliz and Sterling yesterday, but because we were hanging out as friends, I didn’t want to push the convention thing too hard because goodness knows they get that enough when they’re not around friends >.> I did get some interesting information though.

The FWG Meet and Greet was NOT something RF has always done. Last year was the first time, from what I’ve been informed, and it went really well. The suite we’ll be getting for the writing track this year can’t have panels held in it, but we can still do the Meet and Greet. The FWG Meet and Greet will be on the schedule, and there’ll even be a small advertisement in the RF conbook for it. The suite hasn’t been scheduled for it yet, but they are taking PT’s request into consideration and pushing for it to be Friday. And yes, it will be a dry event, so no alcohol. Food and refreshment donations are welcome though since we don’t have a budget for it.

Also, just to clear the air based on what a couple of others have said: though PT is the president of the FWG, and is the writing track’s GoH, that does not mean the FWG is the GoH. PT has had plenty of other accomplishments beyond being president here that had earned her the GoH spot (I still have a few of her books in queu to read X3). Yes, this is a great time for FWG to put its best foot forward, but PT is the one being honored at RF, not the FWG.

I believe that’s everything. If you still have any questions, feel free to let me know, but understand that I don’t speak with the guys every single day. I will bring it up with them when I’m able, though.

nods I basically left it open to whenever they could schedule it, as early in the con as possible. I did mention that the sushi dinner reservations are Thursday evening, so Thursday was probably out unless the sushi dinner changes, because I knew a bunch of members were going to that and didn’t want to conflict with it.

This is not entirely true. The FWG Meet & Greet may not be something that Rainfurrest has always done, but last year was certainly not the first.

So wait, are we getting a second panel room for writing panels, or are we cutting the number of total panels back in half? You know, if we aren’t able to have panels in the suite.