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Inspiring art, or, "There's a story there somewhere..."

Thought it might be fun to have a thread for sharing links to artwork that might suggest story ideas – from furry sites, general art sites, sf/f art, stuff from museums, whatever.

A few that I’ve run across on FA recently (all general audience)…

A lady knight, astride her boar:

The first horse, in the primordial forest:

A rabbit family with one unusual member:

A spirit of autumn bonfires:

A music-loving dragon:

And the one that inspired this thread, Black Cap’s Last Flight:

Oh my goodness, how cute are those rabbits!?

Here’s some from my faves list.

Lost husky:

The King Is Dead:
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10011776/ (Ultrafox says every character in this picture has a story)

A meeting of canids:
https://www.weasyl.com/submission/239312/reunion (I actually wrote a poem based inspired by this one, The Tribes of Dog )

This is a fun game. Here are some pieces from my favorites list on FA…

Chicken of the cosmos:

“Martian Unicorn”:

“Peacock Gryphon”:



I want to see that chicken on a book cover!

I really like the Abandoned Places feed on Twitter, if your looking for atmospheric locales…


The lighting gives this one an otherworldly atmosphere…


Fire-breathing cat: http://i.imgur.com/rGh87Wd.jpg

Along the same lines, the photography of Seph Lawless:


Abandoned places are ends, where stories have played through for years or decades and have finally all reached a conclusion. They’ve also been stripped of every other living being’s projections onto them, and for those reasons I find them very freeing of my imagination.

I don’t want to choke up the thread with off topic chatter (it’s a fine idea for a thread, by the by), but I’d like to discuss this with you sometime.

I saw this picture today and realized I need to craft a scene around that in a story one day. It’s pieces like that that I see potential for the things I love to write. The tension and set up of it all.

FA artist Gryf does some remarkably (and often disturbingly) realistic-looking shapeshifter art. Many suggest stories, but this one especially…

“Transformation interrupted”

This sketch inspired me to write an as-yet unreleased short story about a ‘bear behind’ ;D

One furry’s monster fursona inspired me to write “Compliment”

Wonder who lives here…


This is pretty much my favorite piece by my favorite furry artist, therefor making it, more or less, de facto, my favorite furry piece of all time. It’s evocative, and it every time I see it I see the story possibilities.

I’m not seeing an image or link here…

Yeah, I broke it at first, it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

Here’s another long-time favorite of mine. This time as an attachment!