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I Challenge You: Furry Booktober

The #1 thing I hear from authors about furry books/stories they’ve read recently is “Oh I have such a huge pile of books I need to get to”. It seems that we’re buying a lot of eachothers’ books and then not reading them. The same is true for short stories, onlin content, etc.

Thus I am proposing a challenge. Read one book, or one short story, something during the month of October. When you finish, post it here, say what you think of what you read. You don’t have to declare beforehand and commit to it.

However, I am going to commit to it, just to put double my money where my mouth is. For October I am going to read:

[b]Koa and the Drowned Kingdom


Something new and shiny and something a little less so.

Please join me, and let’s read some stuff! Any stuff!

I picked up Caterwall, Book One: The Isle of Manx from the Sofawolf table at RF yesterday, and I read it this morning. It’s a comic book whose look and title scream, “If you like Redwall but prefer cats to mice, this book is for you!” The art is adorable; the characters are enjoyable; and the plot moves along at a good pace. So, yeah, basically, if you think a comic book about a cat with a sword might interest you, then you’ll probably like it. I’m hoping if I leave it lying around, my eight-year-old will pick it up and get hooked.

Jacob and I discussed that we need to set aside more time for personal reading, so we will do that.

I’ll try and read Abandoned Places.

For anyone trying to think of what to read, I recommend ROAR 6. I can personally vouch for every story in there.

Looks like that’s what I’ll be reading. I would commit to ‘Huntress’ but I appear to have almost finished it already :slight_smile:

Looking at all the ROAR 7 submissions I just loaded onto my kindle, it kind of feels like I’ll be spending the month reading ROAR 7: Bonus Special COMPLETE Slushpile Edition Though, I suppose that probably doesn’t count.

Fortunately, I’m also reading Jess E. Owen’s Song of the Summer King.

I’ll be reading Tales from the Guild, volume 1. :slight_smile:

Because I want there to be a volume 2! And I want to headline it. >_>

I read “Tales from the Guild” last November or December. (Thanks, Sean, for sending me a review copy.) You can see on Dogpatch Press what I’ve read recently. I just finished “The Three Jaguars” by M. C. A. Hogarth, “Tinder Stricken” by Heidi C. Vlach (debuted at What The Fur in May) and am about to start “Swallowtail and Sword” by H. Leighton Dickson. (Thanks, Maggie, Heidi, & Heather.) I hope to get a stack of review copies of new titles from FurPlanet and Sofawolf Press soon; hint hint.

Currently reading Huntress!

I’m working my way through Fang 6 and then I’m reading Kyell’s Losing My Religion. Also working my way through Name of the Wind, Gaming at the Edge, and Boys Love Manga and Beyond. Eager to move on to An Ember in the Ashes.

So I’ll read FANG 6 and Losing My Religion, guaranteed, in October.

If I can finish Skyfire by the end of the month, then I’ll try and work through the four volumes of Heat I have for the rest of October.

Which volumes?

I plan to read the entirety of A Menagerie of Heroes, and if there’s more time by the end of the month…hmm, finally start on Summerhill perhaps?

Hmm. I’ve been reading furry stuff off and on throughout the year because I’m apparently that kind of coyote. I’ve read Song of the Summer King, Ship’s Boy, Earthrise, The Rise of the Red Shadow, Abandoned Places, most of The Furry Future, and drafts of Black Angel, Losing My Religion and Over Time. I’m in the middle of Midshipman and came back from RF with Inhuman Acts and Music to Your Ears.

…so I’m declaring myself relatively set, since I’m sure I’ll finish Midshipman and should finish one of the two anthologies by month’s end. Although I am also going to buy one of Ryffnah’s novels (the coyote decides, after having left RF when they were all on sale because I am apparently that kind of coyote also) – I’ve only read short fiction by her. (“Lunar Cavity” was one of my favorites in TFF.)

My stack was down to four before I added two at MFM, and then it grew by six at RF, plus an online preview copy of a forthcoming anthology, minus one I finished off during September.

Currently I’m working my way through Roar #6, A Menagerie of Heroes, and the online preview. If I manage at least one story per day I should get through at least two of these by the end of October.

7,8,11,12. Already read 5. Once that’s read, I’d like to see if I can write an article for C&Q

FurPlanet doesn’t provide much in the way of sales reports, but I assume that my anthologies sell well enough because FurPlanet keeps authorizing me to edit new ones. I’d love to get my books reviewed somewhere by somebody.

I’ve been pushing myself to give myself more reading time lately. I’m almost done reading “Windfall” and want to get through an anthology and a novel this month. Kyell Gold’s “Uncovered” and “Menagerie of Heroes” are the two I’m thinking of doing. I know I read part of Trick or Treat 2, and still need to finish the stories I haven’t finished yet. There’s also a non fandom novel on my queue I’m itching to read, but I can save that till November.

Is there a job for professionals reader out there that pays? I’d be happy to apply. I actually read the “Swords and Sausages” comic anthology I picked up at RF at RF before I even left the con.

A review of The Furry Future is coming to Claw & Quill. Months later than I’d hoped, but the original reviewer wasn’t able to do it (and since I have a story in it, I can’t).

As for future things: the more reviews people send me, the more reviews I’m going to be able to publish…

I’m currently wading my way through Abandoned Places and Fang concurrently, but it seems that writing and reading when I’m not doing the other doesn’t give much time for both. Ah, the perils of a writer. Oh well.