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I Challenge You: Furry Booktober

How about one that gets you free ebook proof copies?


Thanks to everyone who is sending me review copies of their books. I’ve just finished (and thoroughly enjoyed) “Swallowtail and Sword” by H. Leighton Dickson (which comes between Books 3 and 4(?) of her excellent “Tails of the Upper Kingdom” series), and am about to start “Bones of the Empire” by Jim Galford. (Volume 5 of his “The Fall of Eldvar” saga, which I’ve enjoyed very much despite getting a comment to my review of a previous volume from someone who said that he wouldn’t read it because it couldn’t possibly be any good). Lex Nakashima visited me last night in my convalescent hospital and dropped off a new French animalière bande dessinée, “Léonid, t. 1”, which looks superficially like Disney’s happy “The Aristocats” and reads like Pirinçci’s bloody cat murder mystery “Felidae”. When is t. 2 coming!? Jonathan Goh in Singapore has just sent me “Eludoran: The Legend of Lorelei in a Geste of Grave Misconceptions”, his daunting 872-page furry epic poem that I can barely lift. http://www.amazon.com/Eludoran-Legend-Lorelei-Geste-Misconceptions/dp/1499030002/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1443882755&sr=1-2 Has anyone written a furry epic poem before? Please keep ‘em coming!

This sounds fantastic!

And Televassi writes furry epic poetry. Hopefully he’ll share some when it’s fully cooked :slight_smile:


This was a sweet little cupcake (don’t ask me why we Furries call novellas cupcakes. We apparently just do) was a pleasant read. And
I am sharing this book with friends in a Boocrossing Reading Circle, so here;s how I introduced it to them:

“If I explain why I’m including it in the LGBT+ Bookboox, I might spoil part of the ending. Or maybe I just think Furry in general is covered under the “plus” of LGBT+ (although, I must admit, I’m starting to grow fond of the term Quiltbag).” The bookbox travel the the country and you take out as many book you want when you get it, replacing it with the same number of books." Usually $5 to $10 bucks shipping media mail.

It was a nice little piece of “suspense.” Nicely built with the magic elements slipped in nicely. I might be over using the word nice a bit. My only complaint would be the current trend in our little Fur Publishing Ghetto to leave out commas when I’m sure my old high school teachers would be red-pencilling all over the place.

Later, I was rather revolted that such a pretty title was an apt description of a terrible event… but no spoilers…

By the way, if you find this book and find yourself liking the idea of talking animals being take seriously… come visit us online in places like SoFurry or FurPlanet… we are very accepting of those who declare their own self-identities.

I think the “Cupcake” designation is a brand-type name for furry novellas released from that particular group of authors. I don’t think it’s used just for furry novellas in general.

As far as commas go, I think that’s a trend in writing education generally in recent years, and I don’t much care for it either. :confused:

Commas are the thing I fix more than all others when I’m editing, and I’m usually adding them.

I thought that my fondness for lots of commas just meant that I was being old-fashioned. I’m glad to see that so many FWG members feel the same way.

Ah, intriguing. I am looking at it now.

Currently reading Koa and the Drowned Kingdom, God of Clay and Song of the Summer King!

I am currently reading FADEOUT… it features a big gay bear insurance investigator. Just not the furry type of bear.

I am also reading MINDTOUCH by MCAH. That at least counts a furry.

I am also reading THE GIRL WHO HEARD DRAGONS an anthology of Anne McCaffery stories.

Reviews as they complete!

Currently reading MCA Hogarth’s Flight of the Godkin Griffin.

Currently reading Vampire Hunter D: Mercenary Road. :slight_smile:

That’s not furry, is it? This is sort of for promoting in-fandom works. I mean, I am also reading non-fandom stuff this month, but I’m not mentioning that.

Currently reading:

Taboo - Almost finished


Trick or Treat 2

This is fun but tbh, reading the books is why I buy them lol. Before I met the majority of you, I knew you through your works ^.^


Not 100% Furry, but at least three stories are, in my opinion.

The first section is a bit of autobiography. So, I thought the whole book was an autobiography for a dozen pages – and with the title “The Girl Who Heard Dragons” who can really blame me?

Then we got to the title track, with Aramina as the girl who could hear dragons. I just thought the biography was a sort of preface then, and settled in for a decent tale based on her. She played a role in the first Dragons of Pern trilogy, but damned if I could remember what exactly it was. Would you believe that I cried when Lessa and her dragon made her appearance? I had missed Pern so badly! And, I thought, joyfully, and I had a whole Pern book again!

And then that story was over. Ugh!

So, there were other stories here. I am biased to anthropomorphic and transformation fiction, so let me mention those:

Velvet Fields… humans land on a green planet with buildings and technology… and a few years into colonizing it, they realize that the aliens are there… its furry in its own way, without giving away the mystery of it.

Duty Calls… take place in the Ship Who… universe where the extremely damaged or birth defect peoples are given cyborg bodies in the shape of ships (and sometimes, space stations). I count this as both anthropomorphic and transformation. There also a Furry here in the form of a Brawn (an unaltered alien who reminds the ship of an Ocelot). This was good, especially as the books in this universe that I’d read were all extremely deformed from birth and thought of the ship as themselves. Bil was a pilot and he’d gotten blown up really good at some point. He still thought of himself as a pilot and not a ship.

The rest of the stories are great, but it is late and I need to go back to bed.

That’s not furry, is it? This is sort of for promoting in-fandom works. I mean, I am also reading non-fandom stuff this month, but I’m not mentioning that.[/quote]

Sorry. I saw other people promoting non-fandom works. Didn’t realize that was a requirement to post here. -_-

Yeah, some people are listing furry and non-furry books in the same post. But the emphasis here is fandom works.

Fandom works might have the highest priority here, but I should think any other works would be okay to mention as well, especially those with furry content. I currently have a copy of “The Rediscovery of Man” by Cordwainer Smith that’s been sitting in my ‘to be read’ pile for much too long (I read his novel, “Norstrilia”, several years ago and highly recommend it). If I’m going to say why I’m not reading more fandom works and part of the answer is that I’ve been reading non-fandom works, I’m going to mention them.

As for my progress, in the last week I’ve read about five more stories from ROAR #6, one from WotA3, and the latest chapter from an online serial, Diary of a Fox Slut by Tlapa.

“The Rediscovery of Man” is great if you want to read all of Cordwainer Smith’s s-f. If you want to read just his stories with anthropomorphic animal-people, I recommend “We the Underpeople”, the December 2006 Baen Books collection of just his Underpeople stories, including his novel “Norstrilia”. Good stuff that all furry fans should be familiar with.

Ah, C’Mell …


Oh. An interesting thing that I’ll be embarking on after finishing Inhuman Acts: Lawrence Schoen’s Barsk: The Elephants’ Graveyard will be published in December by Tor, but I have an advanced reading copy.

While one can’t say that this is a harbinger of mainstream publishers opening the doors to furry authors, it’s always nice to be reminded that, in fact, it can happen. Lawrence isn’t a furry, but this book sure is by any measure. (In fact, predecessor short stories to this novel appeared in Mythagoras, the magazine I co-edited many years ago.) Tor also published the first edition of Michael Payne’s The Blood Jaguar. I’m going out on a limb and predicting it won’t be another ~20 years before the next furry book gets published by a major press, though.