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Guild treasury reports

Since we now have our new PayPal account set up for furwritersguild (at) gmail.com, I’ll be posting to this thread at least quarterly to keep members updated on what we have and where it’s going.

All donations will be listed anonymously unless the donator requests otherwise.

Current balance as of 6/13/14: $0.00

Quarterly treasury update, 7/1/2014

Previous balance: $0.00
Donation (6/15/2014) $10.00
Donation (me, 6/26/2014) $13.00
Yearly Wordpress fee for domain mapping -$13.00

Current PayPal balance: $10.00

Quarterly treasury update, 10/1/2014

Previous balance: $10.00
Donation (7/2/2014) $10.00
PayPal fee taken from donation -$0.59
Donation (9/30/2014) $100.00 (no fee)

(Of note, there was also a cost of $9.97 to mail FWG promotional material (brochures and bookmarks) to Ryffnah so she could distribute it at Rainfurrest. I covered that cost as a donation. In addition, the Cóyotl Awards plushes and certificates came to a total of $85.23, which Ryffnah covered as a donation. There will also be postage costs for mailing Cóyotls for those who weren’t able to attend the ceremony at RF, and those costs will be listed in the next update.)

Current PayPal balance: $119.41

As always, many thanks to our generous patrons! :slight_smile:

Quarterly treasury update, 1/1/2015

Previous balance: $119.41
Guild anthology royalties (10/10/14) +$11.33
Cost of mailing promotional materials to Ryffnah for distribution at FC: -$15.50
Cost of shoutbox upgrade -$19.99

Current balance: $95.25

(There was also the cost of mailing the Cóyotl Awards to winners who didn’t attend RF, which was $9.30 and covered by Ryffnah as a donation.)

Expected expenses for 2015 include having more bookmarks printed to distribute at cons (expected to run about $60, including shipping, for 1,000 bookmarks) and placing an ad in the Anthrocon conbook (2014 rates were $20 for business card size, $40 for 1/4 page, or $50 for 1/2 page). I’m assuming there will be similar costs later this year for the Cóyotls, as well as the $13 fee for the website’s domain mapping that will come due in the summer.

Quarterly treasury update, 4/2/2015

Previous balance: $95.25
Donation (2/15/2015): $19.12

Current balance: $114.37

This balance will be dropping sometime in the next month or so when I place the order for the bookmarks.

Interim update without waiting for the end of the month, since we’ve had some expenses recently:

Previous balance: $114.37

Bookmark order from Uprinting.com (1000 bookmarks, 4/26/2015): -$55.81
Anthrocon conbook ad (business card size, 4/27/2015): -$20.00
Donation (5/5/2015): $23.97
Wordpress domain mapping fee (annual, 5/27/2015): -$13.00

Current balance: $49.53

Expected upcoming expenses include the cost of the Cóyotl Awards (both the awards themselves and the costs of mailing them to those who can’t attend Rainfurrest).

I dropped $40.00 your way on June 5th. Onwards the FWG. :slight_smile:

Yes, you did, and thank you, with thanks as well to all who’ve donated recently. :slight_smile:

Now for the regularly scheduled update…

Previous balance at last update: $49.53

Donation (6/4/2015) $38.14
Donation (6/29/2015) $9.41

Current balance: $97.08

In other expenses, there was a charge of $5.95 to mail FWG bookmarks and brochures to one of our members for distribution at Anthrocon, but I chose to cover that myself as a donation.

With the first of the month falling during my post-RF recovery, forgot to post this. >_<

Quarterly treasury report, as of 10/1/2015

Previous balance: $97.08

Donation (7/23/2015): $10.00
Donation (8/20/2015): $10.00
Donation (8/29/2015): $95.34
Payment to Mary Lowd for reimbursement of Coyotl Award expenses (10/1/2015): - $77.00

Current balance: $135.42

The Coyotl expenses break down as follows:
$4.96 printing certificates
$48.00 plushies
$16.40 printable fabric (with leftover fabric to be kept for future years’ use)
$4.53 postage/envelope for sending Best Short Story award to Ursula Vernon
Total: $73.89

The amount paid to Mary Lowd was rounded up to $77 in order to cover PayPal fees, so that she would be reimbursed the full amount she had to pay.

Many thanks to all of our donors! In particular, that large donation there was one of our members donating an entire story payment to the guild, which is both somewhat humbling for me as president and also very much appreciated. That said, the small donations are appreciated, too. Every little bit makes a difference and helps keep us going. :slight_smile:

Quarterly treasury report, as of 1/1/2016

Previous balance: $135.42

Proceeds from Tales from the Guild: + $28.45
Reimbursement to me for postage (mailing FWG materials for Midwest FurFest): - $11.90
Donation (1/1/2016): + $23.72

Current balance: $175.69

Our donation this month was another writer choosing to donate payment from a published story; thanks again for your support! :slight_smile:

(Posting this today since I probably won’t have time tomorrow…)

Quarterly treasury report, 4/1/2016

Previous balance: $175.69

Proceeds from Tales from the Guild: + $12.19
Donation (2/22/2016): + $4.55
Donation (3/9/2016): + $14.11

Current balance: $206.54

(There were also postage costs of $12.40 and $3.54 for mailing guild brochures/bookmarks for distribution at Norwescon and Fur the 'More, respectively, but since I included personal materials in those packages, I chose to cover those costs myself. Duroc also renewed the domain registration for another year at a cost of $13.)

Many thanks to those who donated this quarter! Your support is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

An interim treasury report, since I’ll be turning over the reins soon:

Previous balance: $206.54

Proceeds from Tales From the Guild: + $9.00
Donation (4/7/2016): + $18.92 ($20 less PayPal fees)
Donation (via personal check): + $25.00
Postage for mailing FWG bookmarks: - $6.45
Renewal of Wordpress’ annual domain mapping fee (5/22/2016): - $13.00

Current balance: $240.01

As far as near-future anticipated costs, I’ve pledged at least $150 to go toward covering the costs of the next FWG anthology (financial details are still being worked out), and then there will be Cóyotl expenses coming up this summer. There will also be the cost of mailing the remaining FWG bookmarks/business cards to the new president, which I’m estimating at $6.45, since the remainder of my stock should fit easily into a small flat-rate box.

While this is late—it should have been posted on July 1st—the FWG balance is, in fact, still $240.01.

The domain furrywritersguild.com has been transferred from Duroc to me; I’ve covered the registration costs on my own as a donation. (That’s about $15.) Ideally, it should be transferred to the FWG itself, but because the FWG isn’t actually a legal entity this proves to be easier said than done. (This opens a few cans of worms in other areas, although so far they’re manageable.)

The FWG hasn’t actually spent any of its own money in the last year: I paid ~$15 out of pocket to transfer the furrywritersguild.com domain from Duroc’s registry to Hover.com. (I’ll keep paying that out of pocket as a donation to the FWG indefinitely if future officers wish; otherwise, whoever wants it next can work out a DNS transfer with me.)

The current balance is $269.61, with another $5 donation that we cannot accept because our PayPal account is not verified (which requires linking it to a bank account).

I’m (again) looking into how to give the FWG its own PayPal account separate from Poetigress’s, which may end up being relatively tricky, especially if we want the account to be verified – that may very well require that either the FWG get its own bank account, or it gets linked to the acting treasurer’s bank account and we trust them not to steal the money. (And in the latter case there’s a non-zero chance the account will have to be in a personal name, rather than the FWG’s name.)

In case I actually end up with the money in my PayPal account at some point while this gets worked out, this is a record of how much should actually be there. :slight_smile:

Not much activity to report this time…

Previous balance as of April 26, 2017: $269.61

Minus the $13 Wordpress fee for mapping the Wordpress site to the FWG domain (that I had already mentioned in my last post here), which was taken out on May 26th, that brings us to…

Current balance: $256.61

No activity for the fourth quarter of 2017, so as of January 2, 2018, our current balance still stands at $256.61.

No activity for the first quarter of 2018, so as of April 4, 2018, our current balance still stands at $256.61.

An interim report, for my last as treasurer…

Previous balance as of April 4, 2018: $256.61

Plus donation (April 6) - $50
Minus annual Wordpress fee for domain mapping (May 26) - $13

Current balance: $293.61

This full amount will be transferred to the president.

This is a month late! But here it is.

Since we’ve been using PayPal as our treasury but we are not incorporated, there’s no effective way to separate the FWG balance from my PayPal account other than record-keeping. Because our needs are very simple—the balance just doesn’t change very often—I’m using an equally simple cashbook approach.

[td]| Date[/td]
[td]| Description[/td]
[td]| Income[/td]
[td]| Expense[/td]
[td]| Balance[/td]
[td]| Notes[/td]
[td]| 2018-06-03[/td]
[td]| Balance brought forward[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| $293.61[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| 2018-08-04[/td]
[td]| Payment to Argyll for Tales from the Guild 2[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| $(210.00)[/td]
[td]| $83.61[/td]
[td]| Invoice 0027[/td]
[td]| 2018-09-25[/td]
[td]| Payment from Argyll for 16 copies of TftG2[/td]
[td]| $46.31[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| $129.92[/td]
[td]| $48 - $1.69 PayPal fee[/td]

(For the record, the balance as of right now is still $129.92. We’ve paid Sean for continued forum hosting – about which there will be more news later, probably – and I’ve put in a matching donation to cover it, so there’s effectively no balance change.)

And here’s the treasury report for the last quarter (October through December 2018).

[td]| Date[/td]
[td]| Description[/td]
[td]| Income[/td]
[td]| Expense[/td]
[td]| Balance[/td]
[td]| Notes[/td]
[td]| 2018-11-06[/td]
[td]| Web hosting 2018-2019, paid to Ottercorrect[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| $(60.00)[/td]
[td]| $69.92[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| 2018-11-07[/td]
[td]| Donation for covering web hosting[/td]
[td]| $60.00[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| $129.92[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| 2018-12-09[/td]
[td]| Payment from Argyll for 16 copies of TftG2[/td]
[td]| $46.11[/td]
[td]| [/td]
[td]| $176.03[/td]
[td]| $47.80 - $1.69 PayPal fee[/td]

So, the FWG balance right now stands at $176.03.