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Going to RF 2015? A fan of Sushi? Look here!

I want an excuse to go back.
Please give me an excuse to go back.

Spirit and I ate here a few years ago. The food is fully sustainable, the owner and sushi chefs really, really know their shiz, the environment is fun, the food is amazing, and the prices are decent for a fresh sushi place.

YOU WILL BE PAYING YOUR OWN BILL. If you can’t, we’re not washing dishes for you. So please be sure to check out the prices and know that you can budget for it before giving a firm yes.

Now that the official RF schedule is up, I made the reservations for Sunday at 7:30pm. Mashiko’s only allows for a reservation of ten. If you don’t make it on the solid list and still wish to go, please be sure to call and make a reservation for yourself.

If you’re driving to RF and are willing to drive people to Mashiko’s, please let me know. Spirit’s car can only carry five and all but one of those seats is claimed.

Definite Yes

Car 1

  1. Munchkin
  2. Spirit
  3. Dwale
  4. Mr. Mando
  5. Mwalimu

Car 2
6. Al Song
7. Kitswulf
8. Bahamut
9. Pen Dragon
10. Jakebe


  1. GeorgeSquares
  2. George’s +1
  3. Ryffnah
  4. Tembrook
  5. Bliz
  6. Sterling

Put me down for a +1!

So that’s you and your love-butt? :smiley:

Me and Alsong will be down, I suspect. Barring either of us getting hoovered up by the constaff mothership to do work at least.

Put me down for a maybe! :slight_smile:

Woohoo! So with Spirit and me, that’s a head count of 6 yesses and 1 maybe thus far :smiley:

Put 2 more down for a strong maybe. : ]

I think Tembroke and I would be up for this.

Alrighty ladies and gents! Spirit was kind enough to take me to Mashiko’s for my birthday, completely surprising me with it X3 I took the opportunity to ask them what the cap was for the sushi bar. I was told it’s seven people, and it was recommended that I make the reservation ASAP since the sushi bar is highly desired seating. It was also recommended that the reservation be relatively early, around 5-5:30 pm- Sunday would be ideal.

If I remember right, the closing ceremonies are at 6pm on Sunday, and I know there are people who would like to attend (myself included to get the results of the writing contest I’ll inevitably try for X3). I’m going to try for Friday or Saturday, but Thursday might be our next best bet. Either way, I need some solid yes’s ASAP, preferably by a week or two >.< Otherwise we can say screw it and have table seating so there are less restrictions, but I’ll still need a solid count ASAP. This is a very popular sushi place for very good reasons, so the sooner I can get the reservation in, the better.

For me it honestly depends on the day! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to be completely open with which day(s) would work best for you! That way if I need to haggle a few things, I can try to work it :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing stopping me from giving a firm yes is the RF schedule isn’t out so I have no way of knowing if there’s a panel or something I’ll really want to see at that time. :-\

It’s why I’m kinda leaning toward Thursday or Sunday, but I don’t know who’s leaving/arriving when x.x

Doin’ it.

Any chance it’s cool for me to tentatively say yes with the chance I might have to bow out once the con schedule is out?

Munch, I suspect it’s going to be hard to organize it I’d suggest making the reservations before you get RSVPs, and if necessary, tell the restaurant later “We do not need this many seats”. I mean, it looks really easy for you to get 7 people to go when people are bringing a +1, thus you’ll likely fill them. But if not, better to grab the seats NOW and then backtrack in a month or two. If you have more people than your seat number, you can have them fight to the death for the seat! Er I mean, paper rock scissors.

Sunday is likely a good suggestion, lots of people linger around. If necessary, you can plant a friend in the Closing Ceremonies audience to tweet you the writing contest results (Unless you have to stand up and go on stage or something).

Sorry to butt in, I’m not going, just trying to help. :smiley:

X3 No worries Reech. I was actually starting to draw the same conclusion.

It looks like it’s going to be for Sunday evening, anyway. Would anyone here cry a river over missing the Closing Ceremonies? We’ve already nearly doubled the 7-person cap, so if this doesn’t trim down the numbers that much, I can make the reservation for generalized seating for, say, 16 people. Thoughts?

I just remembered that this would totally screw with what’s becoming a tradition on Sundays just before Closing Ceremonies >.< So I offer up Thursday at 5pm as the next best option. Thoughts?

Alright, reservations will be Thursday, 5pm. How many I reserve for depends on how many maybes and yesses I get by next weekend.

Edit: Remembered Spirit doesn’t get off work until 5pm x.x If he can’t get off early, we’ll do a table for 10 at 6pm. If he can, 5pm sushi bar yo.

Assuming that neither of us is given a conflicting panel obligation, Tembroke and I should be able to do Thursday at 5pm.

Alright, I updated the first post. The list there is considered tentative until the panel schedule is released. The date and time are essentially set in stone though.