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Going to RF 2015? A fan of Sushi? Look here!

Alright folks, the schedule’s out! However, between a few added responsibilities I’ve taken on for RF and a few of the folks who wanted to go (and a wonderful policy that didn’t let me make the reservations when I wanted to >.>), it looks like we will be moving Sushi to after Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. Still need to talk with the guys before I decide on a specific time though, since we usually help them clean up afterward.

So, any hard yays or nays?

Hard yes for me, maybe yes for one more (I’ll see if I can drag Dizcoon out for Sushi).

Now, can you pick a date and time and stick with it, so I can add it to my calendar? :wink:

Gonna have to drop out as I can’t guarantee I’ll still be there that evening! Sorry D:

Alright folks, Sunday at 7:30 pm will be the reservations. Looking for hard yays and nays.

Also, if anyone who’s going is driving and will have room to take more folks, please speak up! I’ll try to keep track on the first post. As is, Spirit and I will be taking Dwale and Mando and might be able to squeeze one more.

Okay guys, bad news: Mashiko’s only allows reservations for ten people tops. I really wish they had told me this the last three times I asked x.x

If anyone wants to make their own reservation, the one I made is for Sunday at 7:30 pm. Please let me know if you either can’t make it or are making your own reservation so your spot can go to someone else. Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.

I can use two chairs if we’re short on people.

Still a hard yes on this one for me. :slight_smile:

Can I still get in on this?

I won’t have a vehicle so I’ll need to bum a ride from someone.

That should be fine! I’ll put you on the list :3 Still waiting on vehicle volunteers though >.<

I can probably take one extra person. I’ll have Keith coming with me, so that leaves room for one more in my car.

Edit: So my seating plan is pretty simple: Bahumat’s car: Bahumat, Keith (Dizcoon), some other brave and hopefully small soul who fits in my wee little car.

… they don’t do unagi. :frowning:

I’d like to make this, but I don’t at all care for sushi. Do they serve anything else?

I have a minivan that can carry 6 in comfort.

Their menu offers quite a bit that isn’t sushi, Rabbit. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sushi restaurant that didn’t have other good things on the menu.

Okay, I need Someone to call in and make another reservation. Preferable TODAY >.< I was only allowed to make it for ten people max and I don’t want anyone missing out.