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FWGU workshop proposal form

If you’re interested in running an online workshop for the FWG, please paste the following information into an email and send to furwritersguild@gmail.com. Workshops can be run by members or nonmembers. Recommended length of a workshop is 1-6 weeks, but workshops could be as short as a day or as long as 12 weeks, depending on subject matter, material, format, and scope.

Workshop title:

Proposed start date for the workshop:

Proposed date to start registration for the workshop (generally 2-4 weeks before the workshop’s start date):


Recommended skill level of students (beginner/intermediate/advanced):

Maximum number of students:

Restrictions, if any (members only, 18+ only, cost to students, students must submit writing sample to apply, etc.):

Description of workshop:

Workshop format (email list, public forum, private forum, Skype, GoToMeeting/webinar, etc.), including any technical requirements for students:

Additional information/comments (your qualifications if applicable, previous panels/classes you’ve done, other info students should be aware of, misc.):