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FWG Volunteer Wish List

This is where I’ll be posting opportunities for volunteers (whether members or just supporters) to help the guild with specific tasks. They might be either one-time or ongoing. This isn’t a complete list yet, so expect periodic updates and edits.

Current volunteer needs:

Ongoing tasks:

Help with keeping the conbook page up to date.
This takes the most time of any of the Furry Writers’ Market pages, since I have to go to the con’s website, dig around for conbook info (which sometimes isn’t even listed), and get it put into the listing format used here. If someone would like to take on the task of checking this calendar periodically and emailing me the new listings, that would save me a good amount of time and keep the page updated more often.

Help with keeping our Wikifur pages for the FWG and Cóyotl Awards up to date.
Located here and here, respectively. This is one of those tasks that I have the capability to do, but it tends to fall by the wayside. For one thing, I’d like to see that member list on the FWG page taken out entirely and replaced with links to the directory pages on the website (writers and associates).

One-time tasks:

Designing a single-sided FWG flyer, suitable for easy home printing. This can be either a full 8-1/2 x 11" sheet (portrait) or with 2 per sheet (landscape). Ideally, should look good in both color and black and white.

Writing/compiling a glossary of contract terms and simple explanations of contract basics, to form the basis of a new “Contracts” page for our website. I tried searching for something to link to a while back, but everything I found was either too incomplete or too outdated.

Art! We can always use more art for flyers, ads, and merchandise – whether it’s character art or something more like a logo. Draw it, color it, send it in! Obviously it should be furry- and writing-related in some way and appropriate for all audiences, but those are the only restrictions.

If you can help with any of these tasks, please contact me via PM or email (furwritersguild at gmail), or post here.

I’m an admin on Wikifur and a fairly regular contributor, so I can help out with the Wikifur pages.

Okay, that’d be great. I mean, since it’s a wiki, of course anyone can jump in and help out there, but mainly I just want to know someone’s looking at it from time to time. :slight_smile:

Updated the wish list in the original post above. Please have a look and see if you can help out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Depending on what exactly you want for a flyer (give me some basic ideas), I could do those without much trouble at all.

I’d help with the contract terms, but that lays a bit into my schedule.

However, as an aside, I could print you out a ton of business cards (I saw the business card-sized conbook ad). My work has a sale right now for 500 for $10. Could get a ton printed up to be sent out to whoever whenever, then ship them to you.

The flyer should have basically the same info as either the bookmark or the business card ad, and can use any of the FWG art by MLR (I’ll get the bookmark and the bookmark art without text both uploaded to FA/W/SF later tonight). It’s basically a way to have something that people can just print off quickly at home and not have to worry about trimming it precisely or having to print in color or on heavier stock.

That’s a good offer for the business cards. I don’t think we’ll need any printed right now, though, since the bookmarks pretty much cover that same territory, and I still have about 900+ of them. :slight_smile:

I get a lot of free time to design stuff at work, so I’ll probably get the flyer done this weekend. I’ll upload 1-up and 2-up versions.

I can help with some basic art, as long as it doesn’t involve backgrounds and colour. Pencilwork is more my style :smiley:

Could still use help with the conbook page, if someone wants to compile some current listings. So far the current volunteer for that task hasn’t responded to my email, so I don’t know how much time they have to contribute.


Just wanted to pass these along. At this point, getting information from some of the events will likely require e-mails (which I can do, but it’s just going to take some time and energy).

Further Confusion
January 14 through January 18, 2016
Theme: “A Classic American Diner”
Guidelines: http://www.furtherconfusion.org/conbook/
Maximum Length: 1250 words (five pages)
Maximum Rating: PG-13 (no adult situations)
Deadline: November 30, 2015
Contact Information: conbook@furtherconfusion.org

March 3 through March 6, 2016
Theme: Atlantis
Guidelines: http://vancoufur.org/conbook.php
Maximum Length: 2000 words
Maximum Rating: PG (general audiences)
Deadline: TBA
Contact Information: conbook@vancoufur.ca

Texas Furry Fiesta
March 11 through March 13, 2016
Theme: Bayou Nights
Guidelines: http://www.furryfiesta.org/conbook/
Maximum Length: 250-750 words
Maximum Rating: PG
Deadline: TBA
Contact Information: conbook@furryfiesta.org

Page updated, thanks! :slight_smile:

Could use some help with the conbook page again, if anyone has an hour or so to check upcoming cons’ websites (via this calendar) and compile any available listings for me.

I was just looking at the list and realizing that it had “caught up” to time on the calendar again. I will spend a few hours this evening trying to dig things up and use the same format if that worked!


That’d be great. Thanks!

Hi, Poetigress!

Still a work in progress.

FurEh responded with their maximum length (1500 words)
Furlandia responded with their due date (5/1/2016)
FurDU Responded with their submissions date: (4/15/2016)
Other general cleanup



May 6 through May 8, 2016
Theme: “Who Killed the Con Chair? A Furry Murder Mystery”
Guidelines: http://fureh.ca/wordpress/con-book/
Maximum Length: 1500 words
Maximum Rating: PG
Deadline: March 15, 2016
Contact Information: general@fureh.ca

Biggest Little Fur Con
May 12 through May 15, 2016
Theme: The Fallen Utopia
Guidelines: http://biggestlittlefurcon.org/conbook.php#wrisg
Maximum Length: 1000-1250 words estimated (4 pages at 11-point serif with 1" margins)
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Deadline: April 30, 2016
Contact Information: Utilize Site Contact Form

Gateway Fur Meet
May 13 through May 15, 2016
Theme: '40s Swing
Guidelines: https://gatewayfurmeet.org/gateway-furmeet-conbook-submission-guidelines/
Maximum Length: 2000 words
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Deadline: March 25, 2016
Contact Information: publications@gatewayfurmeet.org

What the Fur?
May 20 through May 22, 2016
Theme: Spies (Agent 00Fur)
Guidelines: http://whatthefur.ca/information/conbook.php
Maximum Length: 1200 words
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Deadline: April 30, 2016
Contact Information: conbook@whatthefur.ca

FurDU (Fur Down Under)
May 27 through May 29, 2016
Theme: Toon Town
Guidelines: http://furdu.com/?q=attractions (scroll down to Conbook)
Maximum Length (Stories): 2000 words
Maximum Length: 500 words
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Deadline: April 15, 2016
Contact Information: furrydownunder@gmail.com

May 27 through May 29, 2016
Theme: 1850: Age of Industry
Guidelines: http://furlandia.org/2016/conbook.html
Maximum Length: 3000 words
Maximum Rating: PG
Deadline: May 1, 2016
Contact Information: chair@furlandia.org

June 30 through July 3, 2016
Theme: Roaring Twenty (The Roaring Twenties)
Guidelines: http://www.anthrocon.org/conbook
Maximum Length: 2000 words
Maximum Rating: PG-13
Deadline: May 1, 2016
Contact Information: book@anthrocon.org

  • incomplete entries; contact the convention for specific information; inquiries submitted

Still waiting on a reply from FurDU regarding their submission date. Furlandia has been updated to have the latest information.

I may poke FurDU again today and ask FurEh for a maximum word count.

Is Furlandia’s deadline May 1?

Hi there!

Yes, my apologies. I didn’t clean that up as well as I should have.

Also, FurEh responded with their max length: 1,500 words.

I’m updating the previous post to take this into account.

Still waiting on FurDU – may just e-mail them or something instead of shouting at them over Twitter.

Yeah, they’re awful with their Twitter account.

Just a reminder, also, that I’m still looking for someone who can write up an informal glossary of the most common contract terms/clauses, to form the basis of a new “contracts” page for the website. I’d like to get that page up before the end of my term if possible, but I could use some help with that aspect of it, to save me time for other projects.