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FWG Volunteer Wish List

Do you have a list of the terms you want in it? I’d be happy to do this, and can come up with some terms, but don’t want to miss any either. I’m not a contract expert but I know the basics of getting around one.

No, I hadn’t put together a full list, but you can try these links as a starting place:

As long as it covers the usual things writers will run into for magazines or anthologies, that’s good enough for the moment. I’ll look over it myself and can edit/add to it as necessary later on; I just need someone to do the legwork to come up with a solid draft to start with. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I skimmed over one of the articles from those two sites. Some really neat stuff to learn. Looking forward to reading the output of this research!

A reminder that I could still use some help with this one:

Designing a single-sided FWG flyer, suitable for easy home printing. This can be either a full 8-1/2 x 11" sheet (portrait) or with 2 per sheet (landscape). Ideally, should look good in both color and black and white.

I’m thinking now that a simple full-sheet black and white flyer would be best, since that way if someone’s printing them out at home, they don’t have to worry about cutting it or doing anything other than printing and handing them out.

I can provide input on text if needed, and if someone wants to either create new art for it or commission new art, that’d be great too. (Anybody good buddies with an artist who might be willing to donate their time to a worthwhile organization?)

You know, I think I know someone. Let me ask them.

I’m doing a “sell your story” writing panel today. If we have a sheet like this ready, it would come in handy.