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Further Confusion 2015 - Panels, Rides, and Writers Meet (merged)

Admin Note: There are now three threads for Further Confusion 2015. Have merged them all into one.

If you’re going to be at FC 2015 and you’re willing to be on writing track panels – and if you have any ideas for them, whether or not you’re going to be attending, even – do let me know! I’m the writing track lead again this year and I’m feeling somewhat behind schedule in getting things organized. :slight_smile:

There’s a link to submit a panel, in fact, if you’d like: http://www.furtherconfusion.org/panels/

I plan to be at FC. You should put me on lots of panels. I especially recommend: “Furry Writers’ Guild Meeting” and “A Reading by Mary E. Lowd.”

If someone would like to provide me with plane tickets, then sure!

(I jest).

(But seriously, if people do want to…)

Okay, those two panels are certainly noted!

And unfortunately, I am not in charge of con travel arrangements. :slight_smile:

I’d call that an FWG “meet and greet” if possible, or something like that, rather than a meeting, just so people don’t think it’s some kind of official private club meeting. :slight_smile:


It looks like I’ll be up in San Jose for the release of Rat’s Reputation–after all these years!–so I can certainly stammer my way through a panel or two…


OK, plane tickets are booked, con tickets are booked, this is a real thing which is really happening!!

Sorry for the massive excitement, but this will be my first US con (though hopefully not my last). AND I’ll be bringing my (non-furry) partner to show him what it’s all about.

I plan to attend Friday/Saturday/Sunday and would love to be on some panels, but meeting you lot is the most important thing ^.^

I’ll be going, still need to find a room though! (had a number of furs flake on me).

Also, I might be willing to do a panel. I was talking to Kit Silver at RainFurrest and he encouraged me to try it.

Watts, I’m up for doing some kind of publishing panel as usual, like a Q&A or something. I’d also like to do a FurPlanetPresents panel to discuss some of our new releases for the con and have a couple of readings from our attending writers who have a new release.

I’m also open to anything else you think I’d be good for.

Hey everyone,

Still unable to find any space for FC. My roommate’s also going to the con, but refuses to let me room with him because I’m not a fursuiter. Been getting vague, non-committal answers from those who haven’t made plans and a few of them completely flaked on getting back to me.

I’m good for my share of a room up to about $120. I’ll take care of my own food and entertainment. Not up to much, mostly I’ll be sitting behind the Furplanet table the whole con signing books and occasionally assisting customers.

Does anyone have space?

For that matter, does anyone else need a room and want to post here?

Apologies for any misunderstanding with my previous post.

I had anticipating being behind the table for most of the con (or at least the parts I was there) based on how things ran at RF. It was not my intention to appear as if I was trying to do or be something I’m not asked to do or be.

What I meant to say was that I don’t have much else in the way of plans for the con besides being there for my book release.

Good afternoon!

Last year, I posted around on Twitter to try and get writers of all degrees to meet up and chat, work on pieces, etc. J. Eddy of Sofawolf ended up stopping by with another author, and it was a small gathering, but it would have been more enjoyable had others shown up.

While there is a panel for The Furry Writers Guild in the schedule, would anyone be interested in doing a meet-up or small gathering, just to discuss writing or literature?

Sure, I’d be up for that.

Oh heck yeah.

I should have scrolled down and seen this first… it would have saved me confusion.

Good point. I’ve added the note in the original post. I merged this quickly this morning once I saw the third topic. You can’t trust me to be coherant at 5:30 in the morning!

At least you’re now saved from any further confusion.

Just noticed this on the conbook page:

We have more literature submissions than we’ve ever received, we very much need more artwork!

o.O That NEVER happens! Bodes well for the writing track :slight_smile:

I’m interested in the historical fiction panel, if you still need panelists.

For those attending- Kyell Gold has a workshop for five eager participants.
Details here: http://kyellgold.com/wpblog/2014/12/24/fc-writing-workshop/

tl;dr - If you’re attending FC and would like a chance to have a story (8k or less) workshopped by Kyell and four others, send it to the address on the linked blog.