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Free Fiction MOOC from the University of Iowa

Power of the Pen: Identities and Social Issues in Fiction and Nonfiction

is a MOOC (massive, open, online course) from the University of Iowa. Iowa was the first university in the US to offer creative writing MFAs, and so has a lot of prestige in the area. I took “How Writers Write Fiction: 2015” and the 2016 version. Those courses were really amazing, lots of very good material.

It’s open to all genres, but is not specific to furry. Critiques are always peer-based; there’s no way the instructors could read everyone’s work.

This course will start May 15, 2017. I know I’ll certain be taking it. I’m intrigued by the concepts of identities and social issues, so this course is right in what I am looking for.

There’s a followup course on Poetry and Plays that starts soon after this one ends.

MOOCs work great if you are able to self-teach to at least some extent, i.e., you’re some level of autodidact. They’re not for everyone, but a lot of people can benefit from them.

If you have questions for me, I’m on Telegram as @tanfur and also @blackfeather on the FWG Slack.

Thanks for the info. I’ve signed up. I was looking into doing online writing courses and this should be a fun way to test the waters.