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Day Twelve: Filter Exercises

Play time:

Sally Mae heard the cars rolling up the long driveway. She pricked her ears, remembering they’d promised her a treat when they returned. She heard her tail thumping against the floorboards, and noticed it made a hollow, ringing sound.

Realizing he’d run out of water at least a day before making the Oasis, Bingo eyed the sun. He felt the heat pelting against his skin, and knew he’d never make it that far.

Phyllis heard the gargle in the camel’s throat and tensed. She knew camels could spit long distances, and realized she stood well within the thing’s range. She smelled his musty coat along with his rage, noticing how each bellow shook the shaggy places along his edges. Realizing it was futile, she ducked anyway.

Carlos opened the door and heard the hinges squeak. He realized he’d have to get it fixed soon. Carlos knew his wife hated the noise it made. He could hear her stomping downstairs already. Carlos sighed and heard the echo of his own depression. He knew he should fix it, but he could smell the freshly baked pie on the counter too. Carlos adored pie.

My turn:

Sally Mae’s ears perked as the cars rolled up the long driveway. They said treat when home! She ran to the front door and sat pretty, waiting for them to make it inside. As car doors closed, she whined in excitement and started to dance, scratching at the air in front of her and thump, thump, thumping her tail against the wall, making a hollow sound ring out.

  • Took a few liberties; hope you don’t mind.

Bingo tilted the canteen back and drank. Damn, only a muzzle-full. The fennic rose his eyes to the angle of the sun. Not even mid-day. He looked forward along his path. And still a day at least from the Oasis. He wrapped his ghutra around his face again with a sigh. I’m going to die out here…

Phyllis heard the gargle in the camel’s throat and her every muscle in her body seized. I didn’t do anything, she thought. I was just standing right here. Wind carried the scent of his musty coat and hard anger. Each new gargle made the camel shake along his edges. “No, no, no,” she mutter, ducking down and covering her head. “I don’t want to get slime-ed.”

Carlos opened the door with a loud creak and he cringed. Maria’s angered footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs already. The young man let out a defeated sigh. “I know, Maria. I know,” he called into the house. “I’ll fix it soon.” He closed the door behind him with yet another loud creak and met his wife with a hug. She kept her arms at her side. “But first pie,” he said. “You know you’re pies drive all other thoughts from my mind.”