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Day Fourteen: Wrap Up

I’d like to say a final thanks to the people who participated, commented and helped with the class. I hope there are some things you found useful along the way, and that anyone who stumbles onto it in the future feels free to continue to question and interact.

I learned as we went as well, and truly enjoyed getting to present the material here. A few things that we barely touched on, like point of view and show vs. telling, most definitely are broader topics and worthy of their own individual focus. There just wasn’t room to delve too deeply into them, and they are significant enough to warrant their own classes.

I do hope that the four topics we did address can lend a tightness and punch to whatever amazing stories you all are working on.

Best to all,

This workshop has really been helpful to me, Frances. Thank you for your insight and hard work leading us along.

Thank you so much for all this! It’s been enjoyable to read as well as useful.