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Camp NaNoWriMo

Just a heads-up that Camp NaNoWriMo returns this year with sessions in April and July. (For anyone not familiar with the camp version, it’s like regular NaNo and run by the same organization, but overall it’s much more laid-back and has a fun camp theme. There aren’t quite as many perks for winners as the November original, but winners and participants still get Scrivener coupons, among other things.)

As was started last year, the word count goals are customizable, and this year they said the discussion cabins are going to be bigger (12 writers instead of 6, I think).

I’ll probably skip April; haven’t decided about July yet…

Custom word count is tempting - a way to get my head down without committing to another scrappy alleged ‘novel’. Maybe July for me too?

I would totally do July with you guys! There’s a novella I’ve wanted to get out of my system…

So I don’t have to write 50k, but it helps me keep accountable and connects me with other writers? Sounds like fun

Huh, when you put it that way, it does sound like a good idea. I suppose I could be convinced to do it again.

That’s 5. One more and we got us a cabin :slight_smile:

I’d like to try this. I have a couple of short stories and a novella/novel to pound out and I need to get started :smiley:

Count me in, I guess ^.^

This sounds really fun. Though I don’t know if I could write an entire novel in just a month. A lot of my writing has been more suited to novella or short story writing as of late. Though I have interesting ideas that I could easily expound on I suppose.
How exactly does it work?

You just…write :slight_smile: There are a bunch of tools on the website - enter your wordcount and it tells you how well you’re doing and how many words you need to write each day to stay ahead - but the core theme is just butt in chair, words on screen/paper.

It’s useful for me because I’m a very slow writer who can barely produce a sentence without going back and fiddling with the previous one, so it makes a real change to go for quantity and worry about the quality later.

This Saturday is a Writing Marathon Day over at NaNoWriMo:


I’m in - as it happens, I was planning to write/edit as much as possible on Saturday, anyway. (Oh boy am I gonna have a clean kitchen by Saturday night!!)

Ah hahahaha…welcome to club. Though I usually end up doing bathrooms and laundry :smiley: paw-bump

would bump paws back but they both have scouring sponges in

Well, that was a productive day. My kitchen is shiny, my motorbike is shiny, and there’s homemade shortcake. Furthermore, I learned that word count does not in fact go up just because you turned it into a little bar chart in Scrivener and then stared at it for several hours.

Curses. That was my fallback strategy. :wink: I did succeed in some productive Journaling (derp face) and editing someone else’s work. So, y’know. Climbing my way out of writer’s block. I challenge you to get 500 words out on Sunday! As shall I…

You’re on!

Registration is now open for the July session! Though it sounds like, after registering, you might want to wait to set your cabin preferences, to see whatever new thing they’re planning for July:


I’m kind of on the fence about participating – as it’s turned out, my husband will be having his gallbladder removed the first week of July, on top of all this guild stuff I apparently signed on for ;), so if I do participate, I’ll probably be setting a ridiculously low word count goal (like maybe 250 a day) so as to not get any more stressed out than I currently am or am anticipating being. But hey, even 250 a day will be more than I’ve been writing lately anyway, so it would still be a good thing for me, I guess. :-[

I can’t remember my old Nano account, going to have to create a new one. I think I’m setting my bar low as well, probably 10k? Still just having a goal to meet should be a nice boost to keep dedicated to the craft.

Oh ha ha, checked my old dusty email that’s never used and it turns out Nano sent an email there about joining Camp Nano for July. How coincidental. Well I’m signed up now, how do we do the cabin thing?

I’m still waiting for them to announce whatever they’re going to do differently for the July cabins, but in the meantime, you can read this from the April session to get an idea of how the cabins work:


I really want to try this, seeing as I’m currently trying to fill in time until I get a new job.