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Know of a new publication looking for submissions, or maybe an old one that’s opened back up again? Post it here! Any place that’s looking for anthro fiction or at least potentially open to it (werewolf fiction, animal themes, etc.) is fair game – just be sure to include a link to the submission guidelines, or wherever you found the info.

I’m seriously hoping to actually do a FWG-hosted anthology or project of some sort here in the near future. Figure I’ll have that on the announcements page too.

I’ll keep on the lookout for anything open and post it here.

Claw and Quill: http://clawandquill.net/

Not looking for furry fiction, but seeking various types of nonfiction – reviews, articles, interviews, essays, etc. See the about page and the submission guidelines for more details.

Three anthologies from Sofawolf Press are currently open for submissions: Heat (mature, 4,000 - 8,000 words), New Fables (general) and Hot Dish (mature, 10,000 - 20,000 words).

Excited by the idea of a FWG anthology!

The idea of an FWG anthology does sound intriguing.

Sky Warrior Books is doing two anthologies – one about vampires and one about zombies:



I had one of my Shreddy stories – “The Necromouser” – in their last zombies anthology, so I know that they’re at least somewhat friendly to furry pieces.

I hope you do get the FWG anthology off the ground. Something I always wanted to see happen.

Glad to see there’s support for the anthology. I’ll come up with a few topic ideas and make a poll this upcoming week.

More on the animal themes end of things, Guilders may want to check out:


Dark speculative fiction with a theme of “loneliness,” under 6000 words. Accepted writers receive 1 cent per word, with the proceeds of the anthology going to a canine rescue charity.

From the editor’s website: “All of the stories which will be published in this collection must deal with themes of isolation, abandonment, loneliness, or solitude. Our intent is to draw attention to one of the benefits of adopting animals – the companionship they provide – by featuring stories which discuss the absence of this companionship.”

Again, not sure if this call is interested in full-on furry stories, but given the theme, I thought I’d bring it to your attention.


Quoting this from over in the “Writing Podcasts” thread:

The theme for the next Rainfurrest anthology is cyberpunk. They usually look for stories in the 6,000 - 8,000 range. They don’t pay but generally give contributor copies. The actual call for submissions hasn’t been posted yet, but I thought I’d give people a heads up, in case anyone wants to start writing something for it.

Oh, cool - I like me some cyberpunk (and I am really sick of steampunk (said the husky with the icon drawn in the style of a furry steampunk graphic novel)).

I have to admit, though, the high minimum wordcount always puts me off submitting to the Rainfurrest anthology. 6000 words feels so much more than 5000, somehow!

Fur & Fang, anthology looking for “monster sex” (they include werewolves in their description). $50 flat rate, 2K-4K words. Deadline is November 5.


From the sound of this anthology, they may be looking for things that aren’t necessarily standard anthropomorphism, and wanting more of a literary style than usual - but sharing this just in case (deadline Dec. 1):


Yeah, this looks like something that wants ‘War Horse’ and similar stories, from my brief skim of it.

Announcing the submission guidelines for Trick or Treat 2: Historical Halloween!

In this next volume of the Trick or Treat anthology series (which collects furry Halloween horror and Halloween erotica for two different sections), we’re looking for stories of Halloween from any point in the history of the holiday. The guidelines state it all very clearly in detail, so head here for more info: http://www.rabbitvalley.com/sales/Submissions_Trick-or-Treat.html

Hope to see plenty of great stories for this one!



As soon as you told me about this I knew what I was going to do.

And here I had a couple of good ones… already IN my FA. Granted, they’d need a large bit of cleaning up, but… eh.

However, I do think I have an idea… hmmm

Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine: