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In the interest of encouraging reviews, thought I’d start a thread for those of us offering complimentary copies of published works to interested reviewers. (I wasn’t sure whether this best belonged in Publishing and Marketing or here, but figured this is the reader’s hangout, so…)

Authors and publishers: If you have free books to offer for review, post here!

Suggested format, cut and paste, and alter as necessary…

[b]Type:[/b] (novel, novella, short story collection, graphic novel, whatever)
[b]Formats available:[/b] (electronic, print - feel free to list specific filetypes if you want)
[b]Terms/restrictions: [/b] 
[b]Preferred place(s) to post reviews:[/b]
[b]How to contact:[/b]

(Please note, this is not for seeking critique or comments on stories posted on FA/SoFurry/etc.)

Potential reviewers: First, please play fair and only request works you’re actually going to read and review. Second, when you post your review, please mention somewhere in the text that you received a free copy from the author (or publisher, whatever’s appropriate) in exchange for an honest review.

I approve. I’ve received a couple of books already. Going to be fun! For anyone that wants to join, each month I’m picking a book to review, which we can then have a discussion about. The book chosen will be featured on the main FWG website.

The first book will be By Sword and Star written by Renee Carter Hall, aka Poetigress. I just got my complimentary copy today and am excited to start reading.

I’ll probably start the discussion threads here, and if we seem to get a lot of support I’ll create a subforum specifically for the discussion.

Just to get things started…

Title: By Sword and Star
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Formats available: Electronic only (epub or mobi, file emailed to you)
Rating/advisories: PG-13
Blurb: Prince Tiran of Silverglen may be heir to the throne of all Asteria, but he’s always felt more at home among the villagers, no matter how many lectures he gets from his father. But when the elk-lord Roden slaughters the royal family and claims the throne, only Tiran is left to avenge their deaths and take his place as the rightful king. His journey will lead him from the shadowed heart of his forest home into the treetops with the squirrel-clan of the Drays, across the western plains, and among the mysterious and deadly wolves of the Northern Reach. With his allies’ help, Tiran must become the king his people need him to be—or risk fulfilling an ancient prophecy that will spell the end of Asteria itself.
Terms/restrictions: None, though I do ask that you try to read and review in a timely manner (in other words, please don’t hold on to it for a year or anything – month or two is best)
Preferred place(s) to post reviews: Amazon, Goodreads, Rabbit Valley, FurPlanet, Bad Dog Books – any or all of these, feel free to cross-post your review to more than one
How to contact: Please use this form to request a review copy.

Title: Real Dragons Don’t Wear Sweaters
Type: Novelette (about 11K words)
Genre: Fantasy/YA
Formats available: Electronic only, all formats via Smashwords
Rating/advisories: G
Blurb: All Dinkums wants is to be a real dragon, a fierce crimson-scaled firebreather like the ones living in the northern caves. Instead, Dinkums is pink, fuzzy, and cute–until Skye, a teen witch bored by school and ready for a challenge, finds a way to transform him. But Dinkums and Skye are both about to learn that being real is more complicated than they bargained for.
Terms/restrictions: Same as above.
Preferred place(s) to post reviews: Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads (again, cross-post if you want)
How to contact: PM or email me, and I’ll send a Smashwords coupon code for you to download it from there

Hi! Great idea :slight_smile:

Here are my current novels:

Title:Song of the Summer King:
Type: Novel.
Genre :YA Fantasy
Formats:Kindle & Nook for free. I will offer a discount on hardbacks for reviewers, but I’m broke so I can’t give 'em away :wink:
Rating/Advisory:Suitable for all ages.
Blurb:Shard is a gryfon in danger. He and other young males of the Silver Isles are old enough to fly, hunt, and fight–old enough to be threats to their ruler, the red gryfon king. In the midst of the dangerous initiation hunt, Shard takes the unexpected advice of a strange she-wolf who seeks him out, and hints that Shard’s past isn’t all that it seems. To learn his past, Shard must abandon the future he wants and make allies of those the gryfons call enemies. When the gryfon king declares open war on the wolves, it throws Shard’s past and uncertain future into the turmoil between. Now with battle lines drawn, Shard must decide whether to fight beside his king . . .or against him.
Terms/Restrictions: No restrictions but it’s nice, as Poetigress said, if you’re able to review within a month of two of receiving your free book, and remember to post within the review that you received a copy in exchange for review.
Preferred place(s) to post reviews:Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. Twitter, Tumblr… Cross-post away. Review sites with a decent number of followers are helpful but so are the “official” book pages. Thank you!
How to Contact: Email is best: authorjessowen@gmail.com

Title:Skyfire: Book II of the Summer King Chronicles
Type: Novel
Genre:YA Fantasy
Available Formats: Kindle & Nook for free, hardbacks at a discount for reviewers (<–available in March).
Rating/advisories:Suitable for all ages.
Blurb:Shard is a gryfon in exile from the pride of the Silver Isles. After learning of the injustices wrought by the Red King he once served loyally, Shard now seeks to fulfill the promise of the legendary Summer King, who is destined to bring peace and balance when he appears.
Shard’s quest will take him across the sea to the homeland of the gryfons who conquered the Silver Isles, into a web of new allies and new enemies, winged and wingless alike. There he will learn of the fierce enmity that drove the Red King and his pride from their homeland, and the deadly grudge stretching back two generations that, if left unfinished, could destroy them all.
Terms/restrictions: Obviously, it’s preferable if you read Song of the Summer King first :smiley:
Preferred place(s) to post reviews:Same as above.
How to contact:Same as above.


I’ll throw mine in as well if anyone’s keen.

Title: Axinstone: Destiny of Dragons Book 1
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Formats available: .epub or .mobi. I won’t be able to provide print copies internationally at this stage.
Rating/advisories: Suitable for all who like dragons.
Blurb: When Haeraig Anzig of Clan Laxtal is sent to a council of the leaders of the forty-two draconic clans to warn them about the impending invasion of human forces, the last thing the young dragon expects is to be sent on a suicidal mission into the heart of human lands. At the advice of an outcast seer, Anzig sets out across the mountains with seven drakes for companions. He has been tasked to retrieve the legendary artefact, the Axinstone, for without it, dragonkind seems doomed to fall.
Terms/restrictions: Nothing further to add other than those mentioned by the above authors.
Preferred place(s) to post reviews: Goodreads & Amazon. A nice post on Facebook/Twitter wouldn’t go amiss.
How to contact: Email jfrcoates@jaffabooks.com.au

Title: Impossible Magic: Destiny of Dragons Book 2
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
Formats available: .epub or .mobi. I won’t be able to provide print copies internationally at this stage.
Rating/advisories: YA Fiction suitable for all dragon lovers.
Blurb: The Axinstone has been reclaimed, but at what cost?
Anzig is wounded after fending off the monstrous Nightwings, but he still expects a joyous return to draconic lands. He does not anticipate the secrets that await him, ready to shatter his life apart.
Meanwhile, Ellian struggles to adapt to life outside Laxtal. She yearns to return, unsure if Ddraig Tsona is to be trusted with her clan. Does she confront him and risk humiliation, or sit back and wait for Anzig to return?
Terms/restrictions: As above.
Preferred place(s) to post reviews: As above.
How to contact: As above.

I would like to give away my used fandom books in exchange for reviews. These are paperbacks and they will need to be mailed, so if you want one, I would appreciate it if you paid the $5 media mail fee to ship.

The books are:

Smiley and the Hero
Isolation Play
Prince of Knaves

Will trade a free (.pdf) copy of any of my published books to submit for review, for a free copy of any furry novel I haven’t read or reviewed yet (i.e. most of them).

My books are:
The Goldenlea
Basecraft Cirrostratus
Escape from St. Arned

The books I am most interested in are:
Summerhill by Kevin Frane
Green Fairy by Kyell Gold
Thousand Leaves by Kevin Frane (I’ve wanted to read this for years)
By sword and Star by Renee Hall

I could pay a modest shipping fee for any of these novels or if you have an e-book, even better.

Just use this form to let me know what format you want for BS&S. No need for a trade, unless you have .mobi files available… my cheap e-ink Kindle technically can read PDFs, but it’s usually not the best experience to deal with. :slight_smile:

Also, looks like Rechan still has Thousand Leaves, in his post above.

I’ll see if I can convert to .mobi. I’m trying hard to get someone to actually review my work because so far, it’s been more or less neglected.

Title: Theta
Type: Novel
Genre: Science Fiction
Formats available: eBook (All major formats), Print
Rating/advisories: PG13
Life is comfortable for Jale Bercammon, Chief Steward of the luxury starliner OCS Freeta—comfortable, stable, and slipping on by. Every day is routine, and she’s become an expert at routine.

And then she crosses paths with Theta.

Reeled in by the enigmatic and sinister Knoskali to explain the young dancer’s disappearance, she soon finds herself stumbling along a dangerous path that will take all of her resolve and ingenuity to survive.
Terms/restrictions: None aside from the obvious
Preferred place(s) to post reviews:Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, FA … wherever you like.
How to contact: foxy@snowfoxpress.com // here // twitter: @sasyafox

I’ve published a few books up for review. If anyone’s interested in these titles or others by my press just let me know. I don’t have epub files or mobi files of all of them, but that is being worked on. If a book does not have a mobi file I can offer a PDF file. If you wish for a physical copy let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Ribbon and Leviathan by Manna Plourde (PDF and physical copies only at the moment)
Synopsis: Ribbon has lived alone in his woods for as long as he can remember, going for long walks in the snow and making vague prophecies in the stars. His world is one where panic attacks awaken ancient ghosts, and break their hold on time and space. When an earthquake awakens the beast Leviathan, the two befriend and begin a series of adventures which will test the breaking foundations of their world.

Reach for the Sky by Vixyy Fox
Synopsis: ‘Reach For The Sky’ is an anthropomorphic tale in which you will find stories of daring, bravery, and even love; where by the Battle of Britain is brought to vivid life from the perspective of those who lived it. The stories in this series are based upon real history. They represent memories that are fast slipping away; memories of a time that drastically affected the entire world. Storyteller Vixyy Fox and Artist Little Napoleon have combined their efforts in this work; bringing to life a history blended with characters all too human yet set apart by who they are.

Improbable…Never Impossible by Vixyy Fox
You are invited into one of the finest collections a writer has to offer. Here, in your hands, we have a baker’s dozen plus a few extra tales to spur one’s imagination; stories that will give you laughter, and maybe even some tears in your journey. The author has given us a collection of work where readers may realize that their imagination they once had as a child never actually left them; that it was always there. Vixyy is an author that truly believes that nothing is impossible, which is what you will find here in these stories. She is a writer that does more than just write, she lives the works. The creatures you will read about in these pages are dear friends; friends that she has become very attached to. And so, dear reader, we share with you an enticing collection of wonder. We hope you enjoy your travels through these strange but fun-filled lands. Open up and hitch a ride, we’ll be right here with you!

Just private message me or Email if you’re interested in any of the titles. Other titles available at the Weasel Press Site, not all are furry related however. The authors above are members of the furry community and have written some great anthropomorphic work! Email: systmaticwzl@gmail.com

This isn’t about a particular review, but a notice that Flayrah has stopped posting my book reviews for no given reason. The last one that it posted was my review of “God of Clay” by Ryan Campbell, that I wrote around the beginning of September and Flayrah posted in late October. I have about a dozen unposted reviews, including of “Tales from the Guild”. Several e-mails to Flayrah asking for the reason have gone unanswered.

As a result, I am withdrawing my unposted reviews from Flayrah and resubmitting them to Dogpatch Press. I hope that you will be able to read them there soon.

I think Greenreaper is struggling under a bit of a backlog as well as a personal busy time (moving continents will do that.; I feel partially responsible, too, as he gave me editorial privileges a while back and I haven’t got round to logging in and having a crack at the backlist. I’m sure if you got in touch with Green he’d let you know what’s up.

You could always sub them to Claw &Quill, Fred.

GreenReaper hasn’t answered directly except to say that he’s very busy, so I don’t know if he’s planning to post my reviews later or not at all. He’s ignored a couple of my announcements that are now outdated and useless, and posted a couple of news items that are admittedly more important but that leave me not knowing if he’s going to use anything from me any more or not. Meanwhile, I’ve got books that I was sent months ago for a review (Sasya’s “Theta” is one – I liked it!), and those reviews are sitting there unpublished. Patch Packrat says that he’ll be glad to post them on Dogpatch Press, so I’ve moved them there.

Claw & Quill is definitely a possibility, but let’s see what Dogpatch Press does with them first.

By the way, I probably shouldn’t say this without checking with FuzzWolf first, but I’ve got several anthologies of furry fiction published by FurPlanet, including “The Furry Future” that is undergoing preparation now for publication next month, that I’d be delighted to have reviewed by FWGers, for here or on Flayrah or Dogpatch Press or Claw & Quill or GoodReads or anywhere else. Will FurPlanet send out review copies if asked?

Has any Fandom publisher sent you free review copies before?

Yes, FurPlanet has. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get free review copies regularly from FurPlanet Productions, Sofawolf Press, and several individuals including Bernard Doove and Maggie Hogarth. Rabbit Valley says that it’s their policy to never send out any review copies. My reviews of the past three years can be read on Flayrah, and Dogpatch Press has just recently begun posting them. I have reviews coming momentarily on Dogpatch Press of “Theta” by Sasya Fox, “Moth and Rust” by Eddie Drueding, “The Guardian Herd: Starfire” by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez, “ROAR volume 5” edited by Buck C. Turner, “Tales from the Guild: Music to Your Ears” edited by AnthroAquatic, “Slightly Damned, Book 3” by Sarah ‘Chu’ Wilson, “Uncovered” by Kyell Gold, “Spirit Hunters: Book 1, The Way of the Fox” by Paul Kidd, “Off the Beaten Path” by Rukis, “A Wilder West” by Ted R. Blasingame, “The Godson’s Triumph” by M. C. A. Hogarth, and a couple of others – these are my reviews that were piling up on Flayrah that I’ve just moved to Dogpatch Press, that had better get published soon if I want to justify continuing to request review copies.

I think the question here is, will FurPlanet send free review copies of The Furry Future (or whatever other anthologies Fred wants reviews on) to FWG members who want to review them? And if so, how and from whom should they request them? (Since that’s what this thread is technically for, offering free copies for review.) :slight_smile: