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Book/Author of the Month Discussion Thread

I like this idea and want to keep it going. Not sure what kind of community input this had before, but I want it. What should be the book of the month for October? The current book will get a little more airtime due to transition. So, you’re welcome Kandrel.

This thread will be used for all BotM and AotM discussions.

Suggestions for Book of the Month - October, 2013

~Otters in Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly? by Mary E. Lowd
~The Unimaginable Road by Eddie Drueding

Suggestions for Author of the Month - October, 2013

None yet

I’ve not read it yet, but how about Mary E. Lowd’s Otters in Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly? Don’t think it’s been BOTM before.

I think getting input is a good idea. Personally, I like to see the love spread around when it comes to BOTM. Making sure it isn’t just the main three furry publishers all the time, but also the independent publishers and even existing members self-published works. It’s a good way to promote new releases as well. The Featured Author or Author of the Month is another way to promote when multiple new releases are launched close together.

My mind totally slipped about the author of the month. Added that and will discuss that here as well.

I agree that it shouldn’t just be used for the main publishers. As long as the book is available to the public in some way and hasn’t already received the spot before, it’s qualified for voting.

Author of the month we’ll obvious have to repeat some authors, but it can be whoever hasn’t been featured. We can feature something from that author each month.

That work?

I certainly have some site work to do when I get home at late-o-clock tonight.

Just for reference, here are the past Authors of the Month, taken from the main site:

July 2013 - Waylon Darosh/Ashe Valisca
June 2013 - Pattarchus
May 2013 - Tarl “Voice” Hoch
April 2013 - Ben Goodridge
March 2013 - Kandrel
February 2013 - Threetails
January 2013 - Stephen Soliz
December 2012 - James Steele
November 2012 - Gene Wolf
October 2012 - Alflor Aalto
September 2012 - Tristan Black Wolf
August 2012 - Watts “Chipotle” Martin
July 2012 - Michael H. Payne
June 2012 - Huskyteer
May 2012 - Kyell Gold
April 2012 - Chris “Sparf” Williams
March 2012 - H. A. Kirsch
February 2012 - Carmen K. Welsh Jr.
January 2012 - Whyte Yoté
December 2011 - Nighteyes Dayspring
November 2011 - Rechan
October 2011 - FuzzWolf
September 2011 - Phil Geusz
August 2011 - Seth Drake
July 2011 - Mary E. Lowd
June 2011 - Tempe “Tempo” O’Kun
May 2011 - Kevin “Rikoshi” Frane
April 2011 - Rufus “Red” Swampwulf
March 2011 - Altivo Overo
February 2011 - M. C. A. Hogarth
January 2011 - Alex F. Vance
December 2010 - Kristina Tracer
November 2010 - Thomas Shaw
October 2010 - Clare Bell
September 2010 - Vixyy Fox
August 2010 - Bill “Hafoc” Rogers
July 2010 - Renee Carter Hall
June 2010 - Shannon “Leasara” Robertson

And the past Books of the Month:

July 2013 - What Happens Next
June 2013 - Savagery
May 2013 - Divisions
April 2013 - Hot Dish
March 2013 - Stories From Elton High
February 2013 - Indigo Rain
January 2013 - Summerhill
December 2012 - Hilltown
November 2012 - Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold
October 2012 - New Fables 2012
September 2012 - Anthrologie 2012
August 2012 - Flight of the Godkin Griffin
July 2012 - ROAR Vol. 4
June 2012 - Already Among Us
May 2012 - Allasso Vol. 2
April 2012 - By Sword and Star
March 2012 - Freedom City
February 2012 - Improbable… Never Impossible
January 2012 - Otters in Space
December 2011 - Holidays
November 2011 - Allasso Vol. 1
October 2011 - Children of the Moon
September 2011 - The Fortune Teller’s Poem
August 2011 - Clays Beneath the Skies
July 2011 - Red Sails in the Fallout
June 2011 - Bewere the Night
May 2011 - ROAR Vol. 3
April 2011 - Beautiful World
March 2011 - Different Worlds, Different Skins 2
February 2011 - Isolation Play
January 2011 - Smiley and the Hero
December 2010 - Bait and Switch
November 2010 - Alone in the Dark
October 2010 - New Fables 2010

I’m wondering, because I forget, but does this need to be by an FWG author? Because if not I’ve got a suggestion for a book that I feel could use a lot more love than it’s getting. The Unimaginable Road, by Eddie Drueding. It also has a sequel that’s great, too. It’s a pretty bizarro series in terms of writing style and setting and whatnot, but for whatever reason I just love the hell out of it.

As long as the cast is made up primarily of anthropomorphic animal people than it will qualify. Book does not need to be written by an FWG member nor a furry for that matter.

If it’s not too late, would recommend Trick or Treat for this month, since it’s timely and includes a number of FWG members.

Funny enough I was just thinking of this (and realizing it’s now the second and I haven’t put anything up yet). I’ll work on this as soon as I get home.

The website is being updated with the books and such now. I’ll add pictures in links when I get home from work in a few hours.

Though I do have a question for everyone. Because we circulate the books of the month and such so often, why not just make the book of the month’s author the author of the month? That way we’ll try to pick authors that haven’t been featured at all yet; get a bit of circulating around going on.
If you guys want to keep both that’s totally fine, though the editor for our new book of the month hasn’t had a spot yet as author of the month. A thought.

I’d rather have them separate, just to spread things around as much as possible. (Besides, I was thinking the author of the month was chosen from FWG members, but I could be wrong on that.)

It looks like they have been chosen from all FWG members, but there’s the slight problem that it doens’t look like there are terribly many names that haven’t been used already. We don’t get one or more new members a month right now, so we’re going to run out of authors soon and have to re-use. I figure with using the book of the month author as the author of the month, it basically says, “Hey, this new book is good but look at all these other great books this person did!”

During the time I did it, I never repeated an author for author of the month, and I never got a chance to hit everyone. Obviously, not all these people are active anymore or even putting out fiction, but there are certainly ways to get different people involved. The whole idea was to promote as many people and fiction as possible. The book of the month was a different story. Several authors were repeated but that is the nature of things. I like to see the book of the month and the author of the month focusing on different people.

I shall see what I can do then.

Before I forget, just putting in my two cents for Five Fortunes for BotM for February. :slight_smile:

I’ll have my people talk to your people.

Just a note that Book of the Month/Author of the Month is going on hiatus for the next month or two while the guild’s website is revamped. Do feel free to keep making suggestions for future Books of the Month, though.

July’s Book of the Month is up:

The Book of the Month will be posted on the blog the 5th of each month.

Past BotMs can be found on this page:

As always, suggestions here for future BotMs are welcome. I tend to favor works by members over nonmembers, multi-author works over single-author, and general/mature over explicit – but the key phrase there is “tend to favor,” so that’s not set in stone by any means, and I’m open to all suggestions. :slight_smile:

The Author of the Month is being replaced with an interview feature called Member Spotlight, which will be posted at least once a month, usually on the 15th.

What’s your leaning with regard to recently published vs. older works?

Leaning somewhat toward recent, but willing to consider older works too. I’d say within the last few years is best.