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2014 Cóyotl Awards Ballot -- announced and open for voting!

The nominations are in! The ballot has been tabulated! Here are nominees for the 2014 Cóyotl Awards:

Best Novel
The Bees by Laline Paull
Bête by Adam Roberts
Off the Beaten Path by Rukis

Best Novella
Going Concerns by Watts Martin
Huntress by Renee Carter Hall
The Mysterious Affair of Giles by Kyell Gold

Best Short Story
Cold Scent by Alice Dryden
Jackalope Wives by Ursula Vernon
Pavlov’s House by Malcolm Cross

Best Anthology
Abandoned Places edited by Tarl “Voice” Hoch
Tales from the Guild: Music to Your Ears edited by AnthroAquatic

Voting will run through Saturday, August 15th.


Here are links to where you can read all three of the short stories for free online:

“Cold Scent” by Alice Dryden in Allasso 3

“Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon in Apex

“Pavlov’s House” by Malcolm Cross in Strange Horizons

It’d be a nice to have a voter packet that puts all the novella and short story nominees (and maybe even a sample of Rukis’ novel, though I doubt we’d get permission from the mainstream publishers of the other novels) into a single ebook file. Might be more effort than it’s worth, but just a thought. I don’t want to put “Huntress” up for free to the general public, so I can’t post it to FA or the like, but I’d be okay with making it available in something like that, as long as access is restricted to guild members.

Maybe we can just put out “drop boxes” and give furry pubs the location and let them put copies of what ever they want there?

Just a thought.

Rukis’s story has been posted in its entirety on her FA account. She generally posts a picture with each part, making the picture an art submission and the accompanying chapter part of the submission description.

While I posted this on my member announcement thread, it might be worth repeating here. I’ve made “Going Concerns” free to read on my web site:


Having everything scattered on various websites isn’t as convenient as having them collected in one place that’s easy to download to an ereader, but… shrug Like I said, it would be a good amount of work, and a brief span of time to put it together.

Plus, a link to the ebook could be emailed out to all members, maybe upping the number of members who vote?

What do we need to do to make this happen? I have very amateur ebook-creation skills, but getting everyone’s permission is probably the first step.

Concerning the guild anthology - all authors do have the rights to have their story free online for one month, but literally distributing the ebook to everyone would be a bit outside of the contract.

So any authors that wish to post their story for the voting period, feel free to do so. Just make sure it’s down by the time voting is over.

nods I wasn’t suggesting that the anthologies be included, for that reason. Contract- and permission-wise, that’d be definitely getting too complicated to deal with in a short period of time, if at all.

Permission, and then getting the files from the authors and compiling everything, making a table of contents, and I suppose having it available as epub, mobi, and PDF formats, to cover all the major devices. I would think Scrivener could do the conversions fairly easily…? And then emailing the files out, or putting them online somewhere with access that we could restrict to members.

Happy to help with any of that - maybe the Scrivener bit, as permission-asking and emailing-out would be better coming from the Prez?

Or from the award chair, maybe. Honestly, though, I just don’t have time to take it on; I wish I did, but there’s too much else going on. :frowning:

Sooo, I guess everybody knows by now that ‘Jackalope Wives’ has won a Nebula Award?

Honoured to be in such company!

Huntress is now available for FWG members to download at this post:


Also, I was thinking that even if there isn’t time to compile an actual voter-packet ebook, we could at least send out a membership-wide email with everything that’s available to members, either as links, for the stuff that’s public, or attached files, for mine. I think the only short work that’s not available at the moment as a link or file would be Kyell Gold’s novella, so he’d need to be contacted to find out if he’d want it included in some way, other than just providing the link where it can be purchased.

I published an FA journal with links to some of my works as the nominations ended. “Giles” is available for sale on Amazon, which allows you to download a sizable sample of the work, but I’m happy to attach it to a members-only FWG post in the same way you did if someone can suggest the most appropriate place for it. This thread? A new thread for Coyotl-nominated work?

You could make a thread for yourself in the Member News forum, post it there, and then link to it in this thread, as I did. I can then at least put together a Cóyotls thread in the members’ General Discussion forum that links to everything, even if we don’t get an email sent out.

Okay, will do. I was waiting to see if they were all going to be somewhere but all the above is done and there are links to PDF/ePub/MOBI in this post: http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=776.msg7935#msg7935


When is voting over? Looks like I have a whole lot of reading to do X3

August 15, and links to everything are here.

I’m wishing it were easier to get a copy of Bête; my library system doesn’t have it, even on interlibrary loan, and it’s not available for Kindle, so that leaves buying a used/imported physical copy and hoping it gets to me in time to read it. :confused: