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2014 Cóyotl Awards Ballot -- announced and open for voting!

It’s available for Kindle in the UK, but not the US.

So I could buy it for you. But wait - in the UK, you can’t give Kindle content as a gift, though you can in the US.

Huh. ::slight_smile:

Still trying to figure out why a publisher would make an ebook available via Amazon UK and not through Amazon US too. I’m assuming it has to do with money, or at least contract terms, because otherwise it makes no sense to me as a business decision.

But anyway, will see if I can snag a dead tree edition sometime soon…

It looks like it’s not out in print in the US yet, either, so I guess they want to shift a few hardbacks before offering the ebook option :slight_smile:

I bought “Bête” through Amazon.com (U.S.). It’s advertising it in hardcover and paperback.