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Zooscape will be launching and opening for submissions on Saturday, September 15th.

We will be looking for furry stories of any length. (Query if longer than 10k.) We pay 6 cents/word for the first 1000 words, and a flat rate of $60 for longer stories. $20 for reprints.


standing by!

Ooooooooo. Interesting!

Awesome, can’t wait!

What do you consider a “reprint”? Would stories posted online count?

Yes, a story that’s been posted online has technically already been published and can no longer offer First Rights. So, while I’m happy to consider stories that have already been posted in places like FA, they would be purchased at the reprint rate.

Zooscape is now open to submissions!

This market is definitely a welcome addition to the furry fandom. How many stories do you expect in each issue, and will decisions be rolling or given out at the end of issue 1’s submission period?

I’m vaguely planning on five stories per issue – two flash, two in the 2k - 4k range, and one in the 4k - 10k range. But that’s a very loose guideline. I simply think that would make a nice distribution for readers.

I will likely send out rolling decisions. But as this is a new project, and it’s a web-project, none of this is set in stone.

Sounds like a sensible plan. Since there’s no theme to tie everything together, like with an anthology, variety in length is another good way to balance out the content.

There are no planned themes. However, it’s entirely likely that as I’m picking stories, they’ll pull together in a way that makes it look like there were themes. I’ve noticed that can happen with submissions.

How is your stance with erotic aspects to the submissions? For example if there happened to be A story that was good enough to Ben approved,would it be rejected due to sexual themes present?

Question, possibly dumb. Is there a specific submission deadline for each issue? Or are submissions just sort of continually open and you take stories as needed?

Zooscape doesn’t have an official stance yet… But my feeling is that mainstream sf/f markets sometimes have stories with adult aspects in them, so I can picture that happening with Zooscape given the right story.

This is a great question, and I’d love to know the answer myself. Right now, I’m still feeling this whole thing out. My current plan is that Zooscape will stay continually open.

Thanks for answering. Let me know if this changes so I can update things.

Mind if I submit some more of my stories?

And could I get some more specifics on what you’re looking for?

Anyone’s welcome to submit, as long as they follow the guidelines: http://zooscape-zine.com/guidelines/

If you really want to get an idea for my taste in fiction, there are four volumes of ROAR that I edited (6, 7, 8, & 9), all available from FurPlanet.

The first full issue of Zooscape is live! You can read it here: http://zooscape-zine.com/issue-1/

How do you feel about serial stories? I have a set that I would like to see published but they are serial in nature. if I send you the whole it would be around 15,000 words or I could beak it down and make it three stories of roughly 5,000 a piece. I eagerly await your response.