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You may not know...

Rechan directed me to this site last year when I was looking for a particular publication, and I thought I would share it here now that I remembered it again.

I was able to find some stuff that I wasn’t able to find at any cons that I went to, so I figured it may help those who are looking for furry literature that isn’t for sale currently.

Then again, you all may already know of it and I may be behind times. :stuck_out_tongue:

I first heard about the site when my book was listed for sale there. :slight_smile: (And interestingly, his $11.95 price for it currently beats Amazon’s $13.25.)

(Also, admin note - moved topic here since it seemed better suited to the reading-related threads in the Library.)

Thanks for moving it, I wasn’t sure where to plunk it down.

Ed Zolna is, to quote from a Japanese horror movie, “the Original!” He created Mailbox Books in April 1987 to sell furry publications, and has specialized in selling furry publications by mail order longer than anyone else. He decided to retire in the late 1990s and sold Mailbox Books to Rabbit Valley, then decided to unretire a few years later and started Second Ed. Second Ed and Rabbit Valley pretty much duplicate each other, but Second Ed has more art folios, furry fanzines, and really obscure “non-professional” furry publications