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Worldcon 2018

August 16-20, 2018
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
150 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95113

Yes, this is the same convention center which Further Confusion is held in. :smiley:

The 76th annual Worldcon is coming up in less than a month, and there will be some furry representation there.

My company, known in the fandom as FurPlanet Productions, will be in the vendor hall under the name of our mainstream imprint, Argyll Productions. The con won’t announce dealer layout till much closer to the con, but hopefully we’ll be next to our fellow furry publishers, Sofawolf Press.

We are also splitting the cost of a room on the party floor so we’ll be hosting a combined Argyll/Sofawolf room party on Saturday night!
Kit tweeted about it here: https://twitter.com/KitSilver/status/1017523455107874816 Keep an eye on @sofawolfpress and @argyllbooks on Twitter for updates.

Quite a few authors we’ve published will be attending and we’ve invited them to join us at our table over the course of the con for book signings. At least the following authors will be making an appearance:
Kyell Gold/Tim Susman
Ryan Campbell
Watts Martin
Mary E. Lowd
T. Kingfisher/Ursula Vernon

And I’ve already seen at least a couple other authors we’ve worked with in anthologies post that they’ll be there too.

Who all is going to be there? You’re all invited to the room party of course, and it’d be lovely to catch up and do some chatting about writing. I haven’t been to a con in a little while now so I’m looking forward to chatting to some writers in person. :slight_smile:

Oh, gee, I wish I could be there. What a starry lineup!

I’ll be there! Though I think I’m one of the anthology authors you mentioned. ^^; Looking forward to seeing you again!

I’ll be there as well! Party sounds fun.

It was a glorious convention, and while I wasn’t able to make it the party, I did get to spend some time visiting with folks in the Dealers’ Room. Congratulations on having such a strong presence there.