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Wild Prairie Fur Con Conbook

From the Wild Prairie Fur Con Website: https://wpfcon.ca/event/conbook-submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting material for the conbook! We are seeking submissions of artwork, fiction, photography, and articles for publication in this year’s conbook. Wild Prairie Fur Con asks for non-exclusive print rights for submitted works. TThe artist or author may publish the submitted work in any other fashion either before the con, at the same time as the con, or after the con.


Conbook submissions and signed release forms must be received no later than June 1st. Please see the Theme page for this year’s Theme. Submissions which complement this theme may be given priority.

All submissions should be in the ‘G’ to ‘PG-13’ rating. The Conbook Materials must not include any nudity, recognizable branded product, or obscene subject matter. In addition, Conbook Materials that the convention staff deems to include material that infringes a third party’s copyright or any other right will not be considered. The Publications Department reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason.

All submissions should include the author’s real name, alias/pseudonym (if desired), and title of submission on the release form.

Unless the submitting artist/author requests otherwise, submissions may be used in other Wild Prairie Fur Con publications (i.e., press badges, keycards, programming materials, website, etc.) at Wild Prairie Fur Con’s discretion.


Electronic submissions are preferred.

  • Artwork
    Useable page space is
    8.5" High x 11" Wide (Landscape).
    Artwork may be scaled to fit layout as needed.
    Full Color CMYK artwork is encouraged. Black, white or grayscale with backgrounds is acceptable. Line art on transparencies run the risk of not being featured
    300 DPI minimum.
    File Format Submissions in
    PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator, TIFF format.
    Watermarks: May not be watermarked or obscured
    Rating: G to PG-13

  • Themed Photos
    Fursuiters, you’ve been underrepresented in the convention books. Now is your time to shine and break out those photography and costuming skills – go crazy!

  • Slice of Life
    Short writings and poems. Text submissions may be sent as .TXT, .RTF, Microsoft Word .DOC, or Adobe PDF. Text submissions should be no more than 1000 words.

  • If longer provide link to where someone can read the full article.

  • Other Interesting Stuff
    I can’t think of all this! Make your pitch to us and we’ll see what we can sneak into the book. Dream it, let’s do it!

For artwork, we do recommend Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator files so staff can have the power to edit, translate, alter, separate, mix, combine with other material, reuse, and adapt any conbook materials. This is to ensure that we can publish the artwork most effectively and make it work best for the conbook or other publications your artwork may be featured in.


Upload your file and/or release form to Google Drive/Dropbox and send us the link
Make sure the file you upload has the same name on your release form. For best results, you should submit a logical filename, such as one that includes your real name in the filename. Example: LastnameFirstname_art.jpg

Conbook Submission form can be filled out here!

Submit Here!


Your submission is tracked by your release form. Your submission and release form must be received no later than June 1st

While submitted art may be used in the Wild Prairie Fur Con Conbook at the sole discretion of Wild Prairie Fur Con, we make no guarantee that your work will be used.

We won’t be able to accept absolutely everything submitted for publication, but we appreciate all your hard work and look forward to seeing your creativity.

Once a submission has been tendered, the submission cannot be retracted.