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Whoa, hello there!

Well hey! The name’s Kenai (Raccoon) and I’m new to the forums (ignore the 2019 start date, I made this account and then never used it). I’d like to get back into writing! I have a few things up on my FA page but they’re pretty outdated. My goal here is to maybe connect with other writers, hopefully to get some help with beta reading and maybe do some beta reading of my own! I write a fair amount but rarely get around to editing it.

My interests revolve mostly around sci-fi, but there are also elements of fantasy and slice of life. When I’m not writing, I’m probably playing video games or reading (or working at a used bookstore). I’m a quiet person and I strive to treat everyone with kindness and respect. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line! I really want to get some of my stories beta-read so I can feel confident posting them, and I’m willing to beta read other writers’ works as a trade. Nice to meet you all!

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Hey there and welcome! If you’re into furry sci-fi, consider jumping into the Hayven Celestia Discord server also. Though it was created to spur creation of stories in the furry sci-fi Hayven Celestia universe (which now sports 8 published books, a comic strip, short stories, a wiki, and even a few fursuits!), we like discussing all things sci-fi. We keep a spreadsheet of WIP stories and try to help out reviewing each other’s stuff.

Join by clicking the link: https://discord.gg/MaQSr38g

I’ll absolutely do that! In fact it was literally yesterday that I learned that Rick Griffin was involved in stories, so I’m super excited to fall down that rabbit hole. I see your name on some book covers as well, so that’s also very cool. I’ll join the discord when I get a minute since I still need to take a look around the FWG discord.

Thanks for the warm welcome! Any suggested starting place for the Hayven Celestia stories?

Rick wrote up a summary page of the books and you can find it here: Hayven Celestia | Rick Griffin Studios

Personally, I recommend readers start with Skeleton Crew as that was written first and so does a really nice job of introducing you to the setting. But all that really matters is that you don’t read the trilogies out of order. Skeleton Crew is the first book of my trilogy and The Captain’s Oath is the first book of Rick’s.

Apart from that, we’ve really tried to make the books stand alone. If you prefer a murder mystery, start with Reaper’s Lottery. If you prefer short stories, you can start with Tales of Hayven Celestia. Or if ya dig an erotic romp, start with Long Way Home.

All the books (Rick’s and mine) are available on my website at https://gre7g.com/ and there’s free samples you can download as well.