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Who all is going to the ceremony?

I won’t be there, but on the off chance that I win, I was hoping maybe someone could accept on my behalf.

I’m planning to attend. Might be good if Mary handled accepting awards for those not present though.

Agreed with Fuzz. Though provided I’m not working, I’ll definitely watch if they do end up streaming it!

I hope they do.

Generally, if there’s no one there to accept a particular award, I bring it home, email the winner for their address, and then ship it to them.

Also, we will most likely stream the awards again. We got it working last time, so we can probably get it working this time too.

I won’t be there (I’m stuck in a convalescent hospital in Los Angeles), but if Gods With Fur wins in the Best Anthology category, would FuzzWolf mind accepting it for me since FurPlanet is the publisher? Ryffnah can still keep the trophy and ship it to me.

If FuzzWolf is willing.

Sure, I can do that. I’ll have no idea what to say though. I’ve never accepted an award before, eep!

Can I at least get someone to do a dorky dance on my behalf if I win? XP