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Where will the Coyotls be this year?

The Coyotl Awards have been happening at RF. Now that RF isn’t happening, will the Coyotls be moving to another con or simply be announced online?

I don’t know yet. I haven’t had time to look into it since the announcement about RF. I’m open to suggestions for reasonable replacement cons. I’ll be at Furlandia, but it’s small and too early. FC seems to late. I don’t know how feasible it is to make plans for attending AC at this point or if I can move up the nomination/voting timeline enough to make that work anyway. And I haven’t had time to research what other cons might be happening in late summer/early fall where a decent number of writers might be present.

There’s also the option of not having a ceremony at a con but maybe livestreaming one from somewhere, and we could “attend” via Skype or chat or what have you.

I feel like AC is probably too early and agree that FC’s too late, but beyond that I don’t know how many viable options there are. MFF is pretty late, too, in early December.

For reference, most up-to-date con calendar is here:

I agree that a live stream might be a good idea.

Friday, Sept 11-13, 2015, FA:United, Whippany, NJ, I can help with that one.

Looks like FA: United has moved to Herndon, VA (near Dulles), in August. o_O


So now northern VA has 2 cons, apparently…