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Where is the animal fiction for adults?

Why is there hardly any animal fiction for adults??

Check out my latest blog. Love to hear your thoughts!!

I’m a comedian who has just finished his debut novel- a detective story in a world ruled by anthropomorphic animals!! I will share details and discuss more details about it on these forums soon!!


JT Bird

I mean, furries have been putting this stuff out there for decades.

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Hi Dwale - thanks for your response. Is there anything you would recommend?
I’m quite new to the ‘furry world’. Only discovered it through research after writing my first book.
I couldn’t seem to be much animal fiction for adults in the mainstream - besides the classics. But wasnt aware of the furry fans :smiley:

I’ll let folks know you’re looking for recommendations.

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Maybe a good place to start is the past years’ Coyotl Awards winners.

They’ve all been nominated and voted on, so there’s at least some implicit endorsement there. You can spring off that as well and start looking into some of the furry fandom publishers and distributors, like Rabbit Valley, Bad Dog Books, FurPlanet, or Goal Publications (sorry to whoever I forgot), and just peruse their large selections for something that sounds interesting.

In my experience fandom-specific fiction tends to be a lot more raw and singular than your typical market-tested, highly polished mainstream fiction, which to me makes it more fun to delve into. It’s a bit like the section of your municipal library dedicated entirely to local authors.


Cheers guys.

That’s really helpful. Just having a browse through previous winners now!!

Amazing. Had no idea until now there was so much literature out there on anthropomorphic animals :smiley:

Hopefully I can enter my debut novel for the next awards!!

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Awesome! To further your deep delve, take a look at thevoice.dog — daily readings of short furry fiction by some fantastic authors, ranging from fables (like today’s “Coyote’s Voice”) to relatable urban fiction (like yesterday’s “The Lion Sleeps” — with a special bonus track at the end) to sci-fi, fantasy, even some light horror :slight_smile:

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Hey Khaki

Marvellous. Will have a listen.

Thank you very much for sharing. Much appreciated :smiley:

A fun blog post and a good question. I think you’ll find you’ve landed in a sea of folks who write animal stories for adults, and that there may be a few more books out there than you imagine. :slight_smile: Getting the rest of the world on board is really the uphill battle, as most of us have learned one way or another, but you’re definitely in the right place.
If you’re interested in finding more books, a great place to start is the late Fred Patton’s list for the well-read furry. Link is; https://dogpatch.press/2015/09/25/the-well-read-furry/
Another would be to poke around at the books written by members of this guild. :wink:

How do we convince the traditional fiction world that we need more books about talking animals? (some might say its not as important as it used to be considering the state of the traditional world, but I think most of us would like to see a major production of a “Redwall for adults”) My best suggestion is to read furry books. Review furry books. Write about, post about, share about furry books.

Time after time when I talk about my furry stories to non-furry readers, the first reaction is surprise that this type of story exists. It’s not disinterest, it’s surprise. (then maybe a little hesitation and eventually enthusiasm) As far as I can see, the big block we have to the mainstream is awareness. The stories are out there, good stories, but how to get eyes on them … well, that’s every author’s problem regardless of genre. :smiley:

Cheers Frances - you make some great points!!

Why isn’t there a Redwall movie or series??
Zootopia made a billion pounds - which you think would inspire similar productions.

Maybe it will take another successful animal story and that will lead to a trend - similar to the wave of dystopian fiction post Hunger Games.

I tend to think/hope that most people would actually enjoy these stories - they just dont know it!!

I probably should have researched my blog a bit more before saying there wasnt much fiction out there though - as I’ve now discovered wonderful sites like this and found out theres loads of animal stories!!

I was hesitant to write my debut novel for so long because it was a detective story in a world of walking talking animals. I’m glad I did and I’m comforted knowing that there is plenty of people out there who love this genre - and wont mind that my main character is a grouchy emperor penguin!!


@JTBirdAuthor there’s been attempts to make a Redwall movie, but none of them ever quite got off the ground save for a short TV miniseries around 2000. Hollywood frequently falls into that “stranger than fiction” realm, I suppose.

One of the very first “furry before furry” stories that I ever read was a detective story in a world of walking talking animals, orginally published in The New Yorker, no less, in 1941 – “The White Rabbit Caper,” by James Thurber, either a deadpan parody of Sam Spade style detective stories or, well, a Sam Spade style detective story in which the detective just happens to be a fox.

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