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What Erotica Anthology themes would you like to see?

Aside from the upcoming Neko anthology, and the annual Heat/Fang/half of Trick or Treat, there aren’t any erotica anthologies on the horizon. Also I know that there are new editors in training probably looking for anthologies of their own to do. At the moment, I have zero ideas for a suitable successful theme

So I thought we could brainstorm some ideas and have them as a grab bag for anyone who wanted to pick one up and run with it.

What would you like to see?

Hm, something to capture a wide audience…

Something allowing straight, gay and so on would be great. Perhaps something to tackle different fetishes like pony play in a way readers can access? Something to spark that “hey this may be fun to try” thought, to inspire and arouse. Could be very varied with lots of fresh material!

I’d like to see an all text version inspired by XXXenophile. I’d want a good human furry mix.

Also, since SHIPPING is a newish word for me, I’d love to see writers do canon and non-canon stories about their leads or minor characters. Call it the Book of Bad Ideas.

Personally I’d like to see a straight up literary magazine/anthology without specific orientations. Like Heat but strictly stories up to 12,000 words. Maybe aim for MFF/December release.

That sounds like a fun project. No sense in keeping it in “good taste” though… go for a good quality bad fan fiction parody satire.

That’s basically Hot Dish, albeit they take up to 20K.



I’m thinking more of another annual anthology primarily for harder to publish erotica that currently doesn’t fit the thematic requirements of Trick or Treat or the M/M requirements of FANG… (not saying no M/M, but favoring specific content over another because of other markets) Something that offers a buffet of genre and content.

Might be fun to have a trope erotica anthology where stories play with certain tropes and cliches… might wind up with a couple painful submissions though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m here to clean out your pipes. I also have a pizza with extra sausage.

That sounds like Heat to me. I mean, they don’t ask for any particular orientation or genre outside of Erotica. Granted, they cap at 8k. “Another Heat” is of course an acceptable request. I think Heat is partially successful because of the artwork/comics it receives, but on the writing side there’s more stories submitted every year. Granted, Heat looks for more “character driven” stories.

KM Hirosaki’s pizza boy story would work well for that. I would be down for a cliche-buster.

Clown sex.

I fully support “Another Heat” :smiley: except focusing just on literature.

I actually think an idea of “try this at home” would be cool. Take different, achievable fetish and kink stuff and write stories that involve the erotic element in a way that would be safe for the reader to emulate.

“A Narrative Guide to Safe and Fun Kinks and Fetish You Can Try at Home With Fluffy Humanoid Animal Critters”

This suggestion (which is a good one) gave me an idea for an anthology theme that is almost the exact opposite: erotica involving the use of magic, telepathy, and other fantasy themes that couldn’t happen in the real world.

Now you’re thinking with portals.

A lot of what is already out there and upcoming cover a fair number of erotic themes I think. When putting together the Neko anthology idea, I actually ended up stepping outside the furry fandom and setting one foot into the anime fandom for it. (while remaining partially furry) With Taboo covering fetish erotica, and the other anthologies having stories that run the other gambits, it’s hard to say: We should do this kind of anthology.

That said, there are a few themes that seem pretty prevalent in the erotic furry comic area. Incest is one, though very touchy to do and I am pretty sure FP won’t touch that. (though Fuzz would have to verify) Cuckolds are another that I see with startling regularity, especially from people like Naylor and Zaush. A book themed on that may grab a fair bit of attention, though may be a bit repetitive.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for what they are this early in the morning on my first day back to work after my vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO Taboo didn’t really touch Fetish erotica, WotA, yes, but Taboo was more general and very broad. Originally I wanted workplace shenanigans, but that was too cliche/narrow for some, and so it was broadened out.

There is talks of a very broad Fetish anthology, but that’s “in the future” and a slow, slow project. I do think that smaller, focused anthologies would also be good. I have, for the longest time, wanted to do small anthologies of like 3-4 stories, focusing on fetish x or y, to gauge interest in those topics (and to see how well a $10 print/$5 ebook anthology would do).

This builds off my thinking. I feel like a singular-fetish anthology might do well, but I’m curious about A) depth of interest in the reader population, and B) how many story submissions one would get for a particular niche. Still, I think, bluntly, that people tag by kink for a reason, and that anthologies that follow the same system might do well.

Though it’s a work in progress, Ianus still has the Fur to Skin anthologies coming that feature animals with humans. :wink:

As for an idea, I really liked Taboo (haven’t forgotten you!!) and how it explored so many different taboo topics, but always could include more.

But…we haven’t had a female antagonist erotica. I have neither the funds nor know-how to tackle something like this myself, but it’s something I’d sink my teeth into…err submit to. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, mythology and legends have a veritable cornucopia of different avenues that we could pursue and write about, especially with all of the sexing that went on in Japanese, Korean, Yoruba, Norse, Greek/Roman, and etc legends.

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