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What does What say? A new fox arrives.

Greetings all. I am a simple Kitsune that has written professional for the past two years. I am 31 years old and currently living in Ohio. I have taken on several short story commissions over the past couple of years and I have written several things on FA and DA. I am being published by Tarl Hoch of Armoured Fox Press, thus allowing me to join The FWG.

I am currently working on a novel, and I started a Patreon to get off the ground with it.

Well, I totally said hello on the wrong thread :slight_smile: Hello again!

Ohhh, another Ohio fur! Welcome, welcome!

You close enough for AnthrOhio or FurReality later this year?

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome, welcome!!

Glad that you got in. :slight_smile:

I went to Morphicon a couple of times before it changed. I don’t have the funds to travel to Columbus this year.


Welcome, welcome!

More about me:

I have a 2 year associate’s degree in IT/computer programming. I originally wanted to get into game programming but that sort of fell off until recently.

After college I couldn’t get a job anywhere. So I had rough times for several years. I ever up moving to WV and that lasted about 2 years until my mate kicked me out. I was forced to come back home. I had a temporary job for a couple months until the place closed down. I am currently jobless again.

So I started writing more since college after getting discouraged. I was able to get a partnership to get paid for story commissions. I made a slight living off of it but then the person decided not to do it anymore. From then I decided to start a Patreon and start writing submissions to the guild. I landed my first to be printed short story.

Recently I’ve been pulled back into game making with someone serious. So I may be able to make an income from both.

The biggest issue I have is anxiety. It cropped up around my time in WV.