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Welcome to the Freak Show!

Hello there! The name’s Azalea.

I’m mostly a freelance artist, but as a kid I’ve always loved reading. I unfortunately haven’t read much in some years, but this past weekend at my local furry convention, Fur-Eh!, I met the amazing Voice Spider of Armored Fox Press. I had never considered reading furry literature, despite being in the fandom for ten years, but as Voice and I talked about what he had on display I decided to give Windfall a chance. I was instantly inspired!

I have had a story idea mulling around in my head for well over a year now that I originally intended to turn into a graphic novel, but with this newfound inspiration, I instead decided to rewrite it as a novel.

I don’t exactly know what I am looking for in this forum. Mainly resources, I suppose, but Voice recommended I join so that I can make the most out of my novel.

So, hello!

Welcome! As you’ve noticed, the best way to be inspired to continue your craft is to surround yourself with others also doing the thing. Feel free to poke around!

We have a Slack channel that gets more activity than parts of here (see upper right-hand corner of main page). Can talk with writers of all skill level to get advice, feedback, or simply to talk about writing.

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! As Sean said, being around other creative types and bouncing ideas off them is a great way to get and stay inspired.

A very, VERY belated welcome!!! (can you tell I don’t come on here that often?)
Glad our conversations lead you to be inspired. Hope to see you at Fur-Eh! 2022!!!