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Web Hosting

So I’m looking to build a website to host my stories, but I haven’t been able to find a site that will allow me to upload my own HTML and CSS files-- they all seem to want me to use their in-house software to build my website. I also need a webhost that allows adult content.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

It depends on how comfortable you are with a Unix shell, I suspect. If you’re okay dorking around with such things, I’d suggest a cheap VPS host like Digital Ocean, where plans start as low as $5 a month – choose the LAMP or LEMP “droplet” when you initialize your server and it’ll be preconfigured with a web server, PHP and a database. (It can also be preinstalled with WordPress, or some other major web service application things.)

If you’re looking for something a little less “bare metal,” I suspect Anubian Host might be a good choice; they’re AnthroAquatic’s host (and thus hosting these forums currently), and are run by furries. While they have a free site builder stuck in there, I’m pretty sure you can bypass it and upload your own files, either through CPanel or via FTP.

Can confirm. I use FTP for everything. Even Hostgator didn’t make me use their in-house system, but that was a few years ago. Sinabu, who runs Anubianhost, is great and will help with pretty much anything. They also charge less than a lot of mainstream hosters.

Thank you guys so much, I think I’ll go with Anubianhost. I poked around on their site and I really dug what I saw. :slight_smile:

You might also try Xepher.net.