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Web-hosting migration to AnubianHost / Hosting Payments

After today’s downtime, my last straw with Hostgator has been broken. As soon as they get back to me with my info I will be moving everything over. I’ve chosen AnubianHost because it’s owned and operated by people within the fandom (from what I can see, anyway). Our aim is to support furry literature and authors; why not support furry web-hosting in the process?
I will also, in the near future, be taking over the payments for FWG’s domain, merging it into the hosting I will have. I’m not sure how effectively I’ll be able to transfer the site as it is over, so I have no idea if I’ll be able to keep the site’s look. We will sure find out though.
Once I move the FWG domain over, I’ll move the URL of the forums to furrywritersguild.com. I’ll make sure that this url redirects there, however.

I’ve been debating opening up a donation area to pay for this. Granted the domain isn’t a big cost compared to the rest of hosting, but my wallet feels every little bit of strain. I don’t do the whole “asking for help” thing very well, at least not when it comes to things financially. If you’d like to help, you could always commission me for editing, but that’s rather besdies the point.

That’s about it. I dunno if the move will result in any down time or not, but I’ll keep everyone posted via twitter when this move will happen.

You seem set on AnubianHost, but just know should you choose to use Xenforo I have a bit of experience with it. No coding or anything, but I’ve moderated on their forums before and am familiar with the tools and setup they use.

Edit: Those are two unrelated things. Ignore me. Need more sleep.

Nice idea to use a furry webhost! And do set up a donations button. Another forum I’m on is funded entirely by member donations (it’s been running quite a few years, mind, and has a hard core of faithful members).

I may think about it. Thanks!

Attention everyone:

The migration was successful! However, a lot of avatars were lost in the process. Please re-upload them. Hopefully this is the only issue on the forums we run across.

And by ‘a lot’ I think Sean means ‘all.’ The file uploader for avatars does not seem to be taking files of any size or format, as far as I can tell. There’s a way around this that I found, which involves using a weburl (so if your avvie is on FA, imgur, or push, you can link from there), but the picture is squeezed.

Let me know if I can lend a hand. My day job is IT, doing server work like this.

I’ll look into it tonight.

Everyone re-upload. The directories are fixed now.

Thanks Sean!