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Web Comic Recommends?

I’ve recently devoured quite a few comics and thought I’d share in the hopes of maybe getting some recommends in turn.

Peter and Company- A great pg-rated comic about a boy, his (imaginary) best friend, and their mis-adventures. Anthro characters, light hearted, though the comic really blossoms when the artist/author gets out of the one-strip-jokes. Updates fairly regularlly.

Multiplex- Ever work in (or wanted to work in) a movie theater? Have a love of movies and snarky sense of humor? As a self-proclaimed movie snob, I followed this comic for a good chunk of years before losing touch with it. Now that I’m caught up, I’m enjoying it that much more. The artwork has improved vastly while staying true to the original feel, the story arcs and characters have matured and fleshed out, and it’s just all-in-all a fun read. Non-anthro, with an occasional ‘adult’ strip (no actual nudity shown, just suggested). Updates fairly regularlly.

Girl Genius- Even if you’re not a fan of steampunk (says the girl who’s not a fan of steampunk >.>), this comic has high adventure, mystery, drama, and plenty of laughs. The first volume is (in my opinion) the hardest to get through, but give it three volumes. This is one of the few cases where I can honestly say it’s worth trecking through, trust me. Non-anthro (besides a talking cat), with one or two 'adult strips (again, only suggested. No nudity actually shown). Updates fairly regularlly.

Looking For Group- Definitely recommended for any DnD fans. It doesn’t take place in the world of DnD and goes by its own rules for race and world. However, there are some great jokes there that only gaming fans will really appreciate it. If you like orcs and elves and warlocks though never played DnD, I’d still recommend it. There’s a huge amount of character growth and the storyline can get intense, but it’s wonderfully balanced out by a dark sense of humor. Said humor isn’t for anyone, but you should be able to tell within the first few pages if this comic is up your alley. Non-anthro, lots of violence though. Updates religiously. After you give it a read, check out NPC and TDA. NPC has great add-ons to the main story while TDA is sort of a political cartoon using our favorite warlock X3

Grrl Power- What happens when you give an ADD comic book geek actual powers, and throw her in with a bunch of supers? Could lessons learned in some of her favorite comics actually aide her in the fight against super villains? This comic strives to answer these questions with a mix of light-hearted humor, nerdy comedy, and incredible illustrations. Non-anthro (except for Dabbler X3), a couple of suggestive strips (no out-right nudity). Updates regularlly.

The Oatmeal- Fun, entertaining, and (usually) educational stand-alone comics, ranging from why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek to ever live to why the Mantis Shrimp is so awsome to why printers were sent from hell to the misadventures of Bob and Bob. Though there’s the occasional comic that can reflect on the artist’s opinion on religion and politics a bit too heavily, they’re usually fairly easy to avoid in favor of the ones that aren’t like that. Non-anthro (for the most part). Some mild suggestive humor at times (again no full nudity). Updates fairly regularlly.

The Dreamland Chronicles- A beautiful and light-hearted story where dreams take place in an existing land. I was so impressed with the development of the characters, the engaging plot, and the stunning artwork that I bought the first two volumes as hard copies. This is a comic I would happily show to children of any age. The concepts are simple yet still beautifully engaging, with just enough ‘adult junk’ there to keep us older folks interested without bogging down the storyline. Semi-anthro, good for all ages. Updates are few and far between though, so you might want to wait until he’s finished the last book or you might be waiting half a year for three pages >.<

Spirit absolutely insists that I have to try TwoKinds again I think I got through chapter six part two before giving up on it. Then again, I was the same way with Girl Genius before I became determined to at least give it through the second volume. So has anyone else read TwoKinds? Any thoughts on it?

Any other comics to suggest?

Homestuck - Starting as a parody of 80’s text-based adventure games, this comic is epic in the truest sense of the word. The scale of the story defies easy explanation and there are literally thousands of updates, including animated segments and interactive portions.

Cheap Thrills - A furry comic. No flights of fancy, no high technology, just anthropomorphic animals going through youth. The artwork is outstanding. This is a good comic, though it doesn’t seem to be especially popular. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to be updating anymore.

Little Tales - A slice-of-life furry comic. More likely to give you a chuckle than any riotous laughter, but it’s solid for what it is and worth a look.

Freefall - A comic with a furry protagonist. The artwork isn’t all that good, but this one is very well thought out, particularly in regards to the science fiction elements.

Gunnerkrigg Court - A magitech setting with a few furry or semi-furry supporting characters. The artwork improves notably later on. A mixture of comedy, drama, and mystery with some philosophical musings sprinkled throughout. The setting is unique and well-conceived.

Exterminatus Now - A furry comic in a “Sonic” style dealing a team of ineffectual witch-hunters. The focus is on character-driven humor. I find it to be quite funny.

Sequential Art - A generally light-hearted strip featuring some furry characters. The art is solid and it’s generally good for a laugh. The updates come sporadically.

Seconding the Freefall recommendation. Despite it being a three-panel gag strip with plenty of silliness and simple art, the science-fiction side of the story is shockingly deep and well thought out, meaning that a lot of the jokes can and are built off of some deep insights.

I don’t read as many webcomics as I used to, but one I’m enjoying at the moment is The Gods’ Pack, full of messenger wolves and the supernatural.

Dr. McNinja and Questionable Content?

Check out the Graphic Novel (for dramatic comics and those with continuing storylines) and Comic Strip categories in the Ursa Major Awards website.

Linking this here so I’ll actually remember it x.x


Bill Holbrook’s Kevin and Kell. The strip that actually introduced me to furry back in the late 90’s.
He still has a social at Anthrocon every year for his comic patrons.


And if you have ever had any interest in paintball, check out http://www.the-whiteboard.com/ .
Mostly related to antics surrounding a group of Alaskan paintball enthusiasts, it includes some very funny story lines where the main characters happen to be anthropomorphic.

Okay, you guys are awesome. All caught up with Twokinds (looks like it earned the awards it’s gotten :3) and Keychain of Creation. Going to try a few different recommends to see what clicks with me at this time. Hoping this thread is leading others to some great finds as well <3

It is oooold school and came out years ago so you’ve probably read it, but I still highly recommend The Class Menegerie. Maybe I loved it so much because I was in college when I read it so I identified, but it was a really fun (and furry :smiley: ) comic.

The Gneech’s ‘The Suburban Jungle’, too? I like the furry-slice-of-life comics, because they’re the sort of thing I do, only without the pictures :slight_smile:

I printed off a couple of panels of that and had it on my cork board at Uni.

One of the story lines also introduced me to geocaching, but I never knew it at the time. I only actually started caching 5 years later.

Adding this here so I don’t forget :stuck_out_tongue:

Just finished Sequential Art. Absolutely ate it up in the past couple of weeks! The longer story arcs can be a little dry, but still incredibly entertaining. I love how a lot of the strips can stand on their own for some laughs X3

Alright - you guys know probably some of these already, but this is stuff I find MORE than good.

Digger: it’s Ursula Vernon’s greatest work. Religious, phylosophical and with a talking wombat. Won an Ursa, if I remember correctly. Why are you still on this forum D:< go read it!

The Whiteboard: furry paintball, madness, and surprisingly deep relationships and character psychologies. Start here for an example of the latter, though I’d suggest reading through everything (there’s lot of filler though). Been running for more than a decade.

Rice Boy: it’s… difficult to describe. Between fantasy and the metaphysical - a destruction/reconstruction of the hero’s journey as seen by Lewis Carroll, fused with traditional mythos, on LSD. The character of The One Electronic was a huge inspiration for some of my sci-fi projects.

DMFA: started out as a gag-a-day strip based on furry roleplaying with REALLY bad art and REALLY bad humor, it took me five tries before finding the will to go through everything. I suggest looking for a strip where the art turns good and starting there, the beginning doesn’t actually matter much. Once it got going, there was some of the most interesting and darkest stories I’ve read in a webcomic. Suggest also exploring the website for extra/side stories.

The Order of the Stick: if you play DnD, go read this comic. If you love meta humor and narrative, go read this comic. If you simply enjoy EXTREMELY well thought-out plots, go read this comic.

Might post a few more later

Oooo Koakai mentioned The Whiteboard further up :3 Looks like with two recommends, I really should check it out!

Spirit’s been trying and trying to get me on DMFA X3 I tried a couple of times and lost interest each time. I can see by peeks over his shoulder how much better the art gets, and by his unadulterated guffaws how much better the jokes get X3 I’ll have to try to give it another shot once I’m caught up with…

Order of the Stick X3 I’m more than halfway through it now. I’m having to take my time on it though because it’s significantly more wordsy than, say, Multiplex or Gunnerkrieg, about up there with Girl Genius. I tend to read it while eating lunch since I can spend a good amount of time on each page.

Thanks! I’ll check out the others in a bit here :3 Always open for more suggestions!


The story of Oscar Wilde (not THAT one, but he is a writer), who moves to a small town to escape his past, only to find it full of weird people and events. Realistic dialogue, beautiful art, beautiful yet creepy atmosphere. Skip to chapter 2 for the werewolf :slight_smile:

Not really one for webcomics myself, but a friend of mine showed me a slice-of-life/comedy one called Curtailed if you like stuff that’s a little zany.

Oh, that’s fun! Here’s a strip about me :slight_smile:

Heeheehee, I’m digging on Curtailed. Though it makes me wonder if there are any entertaining furry comics about writers >.>