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Waves at you all

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here. I’m Packwolf Lupestripe and I live in Berlin, but originally I’m from the UK.

I’ve just gotten back into writing after a lapse of about ten years, so I am hoping to make up for lost time. I predominantly write historical fiction around LGBTQ+ themes, but I also write some non-fiction stuff too. I write a mix of SFW and NSFW content.

I’m looking forward to swapping tips, gaining greater encouragement to write and meeting you all too.

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Nice to meet you! I also had a ten-year absence from writing, but I’m back in the saddle now, and I hope you will get there too!

Nice to meet you too, I am glad you are back in the saddle yourself. I feel the same, although work always gets in the way, which I am finding quite frustrating