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Want to enjoy writing again.

I’ll cut straight to the point; I used to be a furry writer. Nothing big, just wrote stories for free on sofurry. But owing to a lot of heartache and loss centred around writing I have lost just about all motivation and keep making blunders when I do try because I remember how much I have been hurt.
I had so many plans regarding story writing, including wanting to one day give self publishing a good go at. But as things stand…I stand to stagnate and lose what I had built up. I don’t suppose anyone here could advise me on how best to get over and make writing enjoyable again?

Dream up a story you’ll truly love writing and for the moment worry about nothing beyond the pure joy of getting it all scribbled down and just-right, is all I can suggest. Hope it helps!

I’m going to echo Rabbit. Write a story just for you of something that is really special to you. Don’t set any limits. Doesn’t have to be furry. Doesn’t have to be anything. Doesn’t even really have to be a story. Just something fun.

Thank you, I’ll give that a go.

It does thanks. ^.^

This may be a little late, but given this topic was still on the front page, I’m going to give it go and post this for future writers asking the same thing.

The worst enemy anyone could and likely will ever have in their writing, is themselves. Sure, we all get the ass hat critic, the non sympathetic family member, and the mockery of an audience that doesn’t understand our work, and doesn’t want to. But the ONLY one that can actually stop you from writing, is yourself. Doubt comes naturally as we progress. We worry we won’t be as good as we previously were, we worry our stories won’t make as much sense, or that our characters won’t be as believable. EVERY craftsman that takes their work seriously goes through this at some point in their life, you’re not alone, and you’ll get through it.

The best medicine, is to just write. Write about anything. Don’t care whether it’s good or not, just do it. Do it for yourself, do it for the characters, do it because you feel the story needs to be told. Forget about whether or not it will be read, or whether or not fans will appreciate it. Don’t stop to correct spelling errors, don’t worry about misplaced commas, don’t worry about syntax or page layout. Just… write, and you will find, that it becomes enjoyable again. It will become fun, again. You will make progress, again. And, eventually, you will find that all those other problems, the concern about characters, the worry about dialogue, the fear of acceptance… those things just take care of themselves. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what other people want. There are LOADS of stories for them to find whatever suits their tastes. A book is an invitation into YOUR world, with your style, and your characters. Anything else, and it might just as well be produced by a machine as opposed to a person.